#waste management


The importance of circularity in construction confirmed by the European Commission

The Joint Research Centre (JRC) of the European Commission has published a report on construction and demolition waste (CDW (...)


Organic Waste Management and Composting Center

It has been observed in recent years that the rate of waste generation per capita has significantly increased in the suburbs (...)


Heating homes in Amsterdam with a "waste-to-energy" source grid

In Amsterdam, Waternet, the water company for the city, housing corporation De Key, and energy infra-specialist Firan have (...)


Zero-water shampoo start-up wins Smart Agrifood Summit award

A biodegradable cosmetics start-up using agricultural waste to make zero-water shampoo has been awarded the gender equality (...)


EIT Climate-KIC aims to slash industrial plastic use through innovation in digital tools

EIT Climate-KIC and partners have launched an exciting programme to cut down plastic demand, promoting a more circular approa (...)


Training videos for owners of micro anaerobic digestion plants

In the frame of the BiogasAction H2020 project, the Severn Wye Energy Agency (SWEA) has been concentrating its activities (...)


A full-size house is built entirely from rubbish

The Waste House project at the University of Brighton takes the idea of recycling to a whole new level: it has been construct (...)