The importance of circularity in construction confirmed by the European Commission

The Joint Research Centre (JRC) of the European Commission has published a report on construction and demolition waste (CDW (...)


[Report] Building materials and climate: constructing a new future

Rapid urbanisation worldwide means every five days the world adds buildings equivalent to the size of Paris, with the built (...)


Pioneering circular solutions for built environment through digitalization and locally sourced waste

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Commercial construction 101: reducing waste and maximizing resource efficiency in 2023

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How to navigate the challenges of sustainable urbanization and build green infrastructure

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Re:Crete Footbridge

In French This project won a "Technical Challenge" mention for the category "Outside the framework" of the Trophées Bâtiments (...)


Measuring circularity in buildings

The circular economy is a key enabler for sustainability, resource efficiency and mitigating climate change. Transparency (...)


El Corte Inglés supermarket in Spain plans energy efficiency and innovation measures with the support of EIB

The European Investment Bank (EIB) and El Corte Inglés have signed a financing agreement to implement energy efficiency measu (...)


Launch Event of the Global Synthesis Report on Climate Action by Sector 2022

Join us on Thursday 8th December from 6:30PM to 10PM at the Académie du Climat (Paris) Climate Chance is organising an event (...)


How to Use the Waste Heat in Your Factory as an Energy Source

  Modern factories are investing in technology to reduce their energy consumption, costs and CO2 emissions. This is not new (...)


Reclaimed Waste Trending in Green Building Design

Sustainability is on the rise in architecture, with several innovative uses of reclaimed waste in building design. Reclaimed (...)


Reducing Waste With Recyclable Building Materials

Construction produces a significant quantity of atmospheric and surface-level waste globally. Builders can meet production (...)


Recycling Innovations for Building Construction

The construction industry has a long-standing reputation as a key polluter. Conventional demolition practices significantly (...)


Reduce Construction & Demolition Waste in Project Planning

Minimizing waste is a worthwhile initiative in any industry. Using fewer materials saves money, improves productivity, and (...)


What do green and digital have in common? – Waste heat!

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