How can contractors lead the way and embrace adaptive reuse?

Adaptive reuse is great for the environment as well as local communities. Renovating disused structures is exciting but it (...)


The 18th Global Forum on Human Settlements is to be held in Dubai

On an urban planet, the global population has reached 8 billion, with 4.5 billion living in urban areas; cities are the engin (...)


Exploring energy integration: the 5GDHC industrial alliance webinar!

Save the date! On September 20th, between 11:00 and 12:30 UTC+2, The 5GDHC Industrial Alliance is set to hosting a  webinar d (...)


Urban Heat Island map for Geneva, Brussels, Montreal and Baltimore

Some different approaches are used to identif UHI as Land Surface Temperature or microclimate simulation … This small study (...)


Thermic renovation of a guard house with baked clay

This project won a  mention for the Hot Climates Prize at the national level of  the Green Solutions Awards 2022-2023. We (...)


Recapturing excess heat could power most of Europe, say experts

Preventing heat waste largely being ignored as solution to energy crisis, say environmental campaigners. Excess heat produced (...)


Solar developers may benefit from a new stormwater calculator

Stormwater management practices, permitting, and regulations at solar sites often do not account for the unique characteristi (...)


Spain as an energy island: securing through connection

Read this conversation with Alfonso Arroyo Gonzalez, FEDARENE Vice-President for Renewable Energy Sources about the energy (...)


The 5th generation heating and cooling grid of Glasgow

This project won a  mention for the  Sustainable Infrastructure Grand Prize at the national level of  the Green Solutions (...)


Energy Management in Companies [Infographic 2023]

Over 250 professionals from different types of companies were interviewed for the Energy Management survey. A majority of (...)


Wind and Solar generated record 20% of EU electricity in 2022. More than gas, nuclear, hydro, coal

Now 2022 is over, the figures are in for all the main electricity generation types. For the first time ever, wind and solar (...)


Electricity from renewable sources on the rise

In absolute terms, the production of electricity from renewable energy sources increased by almost 5% from 2020 to 2021. (...)


The national platform to support Spanish cities meet their climate goals

The Spanish Ministry of Ecological Transition and Demographic Challenge has launched the Collaboration Platform for Climate (...)


Bordeaux Metropole and the development of district heating network

Energy Cities has published this innovative case study of the city of Bordeaux and the development of its district heating (...)


How to make Europe's new ecoregions thrive

The increasingly apparent effects of climate change have motivated EU countries to investigate a range of novel ways to reduc (...)