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Advancing Sustainable Plus Energy Neighbourhoods in Europe: Drivers, barriers & policy recommendations

Sustainable Plus Energy Neighbourhoods (SPENs) have strong potential to decarbonising the building stock, while providing (...)


ePLANET 5th press release

In the EU-funded project ePLANET, ten partners are working together to develop and promote new tools and strategies to enhanc (...)


Policy recommendations for sustainable plus energy neighbourhoods and buildings

Sustainable plus energy neighbourhoods (SPENs) can contribute to decarbonising the building stock, while providing additional (...)


Open Call: innovative financing for local & regional authorities

On 2nd March 2023 PROSPECT+ - a capacity-building project funded by the European Commission under the Horizon 2020 programme (...)


Advancing energy performance certificates to next generation

To strategically support Member States in meeting the requirements set up under the recast of the Energy Performance of Build (...)


Affordable housing lessons from Sydney, Hong Kong and Singapore: 3 keys to getting the policy mix right

Affordable housing is a critical problem for Australia’s biggest housing markets. Five Australian cities are in the top (...)