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BIGG events: from the standardization workshop to the first and upcoming BIGG training sessions

“Leveraging on standardisation for building data aggregation and analytics” The BIGG project organized on November 8 the (...)


IMPULSE: a European pilot project for the energy upgrading of Public Buildings

IMPULSE introduces an integrated support system concerning energy upgrading projects for Public Buildings. The Project is (...)


Energy reduction in public buildings: learning to lead from the front

Buildings in EU27 Member States represent up to 24 billion m2 of floor space, responsible for 40% of Europe’s energy consumpt (...)


EmBuild template for public sector renovation strategies. A guide for public authorities

This guidance and template aims to be a useful tool to support public authorities in developing renovation strategies, with (...)


Barriers that hinder deep renovation in the building sector

This report focuses on the main barriers to deep renovation that municipalities in Bulgaria, Croatia, Germany, Romania, Serbi (...)


Efficient exploitation of energy efficiency research

Carrying out research is all well and good, but what happens to the knowledge once the project has finished?  Many research (...)