#nature in the city


EU member states strike an agreement on future nature restoration law

Restore 30% of degraded land and marine areas by 2030: this is the objective set out in the text agreed by the Member States (...)


How to navigate the challenges of sustainable urbanization and build green infrastructure

Most of the world now lives in urban areas, which means cities are responsible for building more sustainable infrastructure (...)


Half of urban trees are outside their "comfort zone": future plantings must consider climate resilience

Trees growing in cities world-wide may be at risk from climate change. Urban greening must use species that can cope with (...)


Urban Heat Island map for Geneva, Brussels, Montreal and Baltimore

Some different approaches are used to identif UHI as Land Surface Temperature or microclimate simulation … This small study (...)


Irrigation of the Green Garden Concept

Context and climate-related issues Jordan, located in an arid and semi-arid region, is one of the countries with the scarcest (...)


Fjord View - energy efficient social housing

“Fjordudsigten” is the name of these houses. It is located on the west coast of Denmark and includes 80 terraced houses.  (...)


The Future of Urban Greening: A Study of One Million Trees to Determine the Best Species to Plant

The many greening projects planned by cities face challenging issues, including which tree species should be planted today (...)


How to increase the use of nature-based solutions in urban areas?

Nature-based solutions (NBS) offer multiple benefits to address urban sustainable-development problems, especially related (...)


Eleven Important Attitudes To Go Green In Your Apartment

  Fully adapting to a green lifestyle can be a challenge for some. However, you can gradually turn the learned practices (...)


Integrating Green and Grey: Creating next generation infrastructure

A new generation of infrastructure projects that harness the power of nature can help achieve development goals, including (...)