Humanscapes Habitat

The “HUMANSCAPES HABITAT" is an applied research and demonstration project of Sustainable and Integrated Urban Living for (...)


As cities grow, the Internet of Things can help us get on top of the waste crisis

Total global waste is expected to double from nearly 2 billion tonnes in 2016 to an estimated 4 billion tonnes by 2050 as (...)


Floating cities: the future or a washed-up idea?

  Oceanix, a proposed floating city, has captured the attention of the UN. OCEANIX/BIG-Bjarke Ingels Group Brydon T. Wang (...)


The human dimension of building energy performance

The human factor affects significantly the actual energy performance over the building life cycle. The incorporation of (...)


Official US climate report attributes 92% of climate change to human activity

The US Government has released a special report which concludes that it is “extremely likely” human activities have been (...)