Bonus newsletter of D2Grids project: last but not least!

As D2Grids project ends, the achievements and lessons learned through the whole project will continue to guide the evolution (...)


Brunssum's 5GDHC network digs deep for sustainable heating and cooling!

As part of the D2Grids project, which has been promoting 5th generation for heating and cooling grids since 2018, we spoke (...)


Tutorial to incorporate renewable electricity into heating and cooling grids!

District heating and cooling grids are key to tackle energy transition, being 69% green on average. To improve this percenta (...)


Flexibility, key to the Paris-Saclay heating and cooling grid!

As one of the five pilot sites of the D2Grids project, Paris Saclay aims to enhance its energy efficiency and reduce greenhou (...)


5GDHC in practice: Thermal energy from the sea and wastewater

Jonathan Selman, low carbon officer at Plymouth City Council, and Hugh Moore, project manager at Clyde Gateway, presented (...)


A look back at the day dedicated to heating and cooling grids: a key to decarbonise cities!

The day of 19 April 2023, dedicated to heating and cooling networks and co-organised by Construction21, ADEME, Fedene, FNCCR (...)


5GDHC in practice: recovering heat from abandoned mines

Bochum and Heerlen are two cities using abandoned coal mines to implement fifth-generation district heating and cooling grids (...)


Experiences with low-temperature district heating and cooling in the Netherlands

In this article, we describe the ambitions, considerations, and choices of five Dutch project teams working within the nation (...)


Survey of 53 fifth generation district heating and cooling grids (5GDHC) in Germany

This article presents a survey conducted among utility companies and engineering offices in Germany to collect data on 5 (...)


District heating carries geothermal energy into homes, thereby reducing fossil fuel consumption

Geothermal energy can be very useful for delivering heat to buildings, safeguarding the environment while generating economic (...)


Decarbonising heating and cooling: a climate imperative

The EU has met its target to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 20% by 2020, compared with 1990 levels. However, meeting (...)


The second course on 5GDHC is already online!

The EU supports the uptake of smart and low-temperature district heating and cooling (DHC) networks to speed up the process (...)


House of the Environment

En français The Maison de l'Environnement brings together the offices of the DGE, which were previously scattered over severa (...)


The 5th generation heating and cooling grid of Glasgow

This project won a  mention for the  Sustainable Infrastructure Grand Prize at the national level of  the Green Solutions (...)


Paris-Saclay district heating and cooling grid: Veolia takes over the operation!

The Paris-Saclay district heating and cooling grid is one of the five pilot sites from D2Grids European project. It is the (...)