Maud Caubet, winner of the Rethinking the Future prize!

Photo credit: Maud Caubet Architecte On May 30, 2023, Maud Caubet was awarded the Rethinking the Future prize in the Cultural (...)


XII BioEconomic Conference “Energy Rehabilitation, Sustainable and Efficient Construction” Sitges 2023

The purpose of this Conference is to show attendees how energy rehabilitation contributes to our building stock, the new (...)


Climate Change Makes Building Rehabilitation Critical

As global temperatures rise, weather patterns change, causing adverse impacts on residential and commercial properties. Envir (...)


#23 Rehabilitation in French Guiana: Feedback from the REX system AQC high-performance buildings

Since 2010, the Construction Quality Agency (AQC) has been supporting the construction industry by identifying emerging risks (...)


[Video] Sponsor of the Green Solutions Awards 2018, Rabot Dutilleul "put sustainable development at the heart of its strategy"

For Rabot Dutilleul, a family-owned development-building company, the buildings are a "showcase for human activities". As (...)