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Could cargo bike deliveries help green e-commerce?

A worker on an electric cargo-bike ferries goods in Strasbourg, France. Frederick Florin/AFP As the world moves toward decarb (...)


Green home: everything you need to know about getting one

As more home buyers consider the sustainability factor, green homes are becoming more popular. But what is a green home (...)


Green technology application in construction

Have you ever heard of the term green technology? With all the environmental issues going on right now, construction industr (...)


We need new mobility behaviour and planning

Credits : kbo-bike on Unsplash   One of the biggest environmental challenges we face today is the emissions resulting from (...)


Why construction downtime is a sustainability killer

  Government officials are developing sustainability regulations to prevent adverse environmental effects. Individuals are (...)


Net-zero buildings in 2050: Key role for efficiency and integration

As Europe is taking a leading position on tackling climate change, the building sector will play a critical role in deliverin (...)


46% of Buildings “Embodied Carbon” can be slashed at little to no cost

Buildings and their construction account for around 40% of all carbon emissions today. Half those emissions come from the (...)


WorldGBC launches post-disaster toolkit for building back better through sustainable built environments

Together with the European Bank for Reconstruction & Development (EBRD), UN Habitat, and Green Building Councils in Egypt (...)


[Replay] Celsius Talk: Cities going carbon neutral

As we all know cities play a major role in the transition to the carbon neutral society. Celsius, since 2013, supported (...)


[COP26] Join the GABC at the Buildings Pavilion on November 1-12

This Blue Zone Pavilion organised by the GlobalABC will host more than 30 talks, roundtables and coffee mornings during (...)


Flexible buildings: key enablers of the new energy system

In the Azores, Terceira Island is due to increase its share of renewable energy to more than 60% by the end of this year (...)


Building Greener Roads: New Developments in Highway Construction

The construction industry and transportation division have long-standing associations with environmental degradation. But (...)


Can Green Machinery Lead Heavy Industries to a More Sustainable Future?

Regardless of where they are in the world, heavy industries tend to be among the worst producers of greenhouse gasses. While (...)


[Webinar] International week on the theme "Net Zero Carbon Strategy, in Real Estate and Buildings, around the World by 2050".

Dominique Naert, Director of the Ecole des Ponts ParisTech's Executive Master in Sustainable Real Estate and Building, Energy (...)


The Takienta

The Takienta (Otammari construction) is the only one-story dwelling in the world built entirely of local materials. It is (...)