Press release: Closure of the SmartBuilt4EU project

Throughout this last press release, the project presents the highlights of its Final conference “Smart Buildings in Europe” (...)


Dubai Expo 2020 - UAE Pavilion

The UAE Pavilion is an iconic structure located at the Expo 2020 Dubai site, representing the United Arab Emirates at the (...)


Recapturing excess heat could power most of Europe, say experts

Preventing heat waste largely being ignored as solution to energy crisis, say environmental campaigners. Excess heat produced (...)


New INEEXS project promotes the Clean Energy Transition with the development of smart energy services and innovative business models

While significant progress has been made in implementing clean energy policies, the energy system is still largely based (...)


How has construction project management software transformed home building today?

The construction industry, just like any other, has been evolving for many years. This includes the materials, technology (...)


El Corte Inglés supermarket in Spain plans energy efficiency and innovation measures with the support of EIB

The European Investment Bank (EIB) and El Corte Inglés have signed a financing agreement to implement energy efficiency measu (...)


Adiabatic pre-cooling of a data center (Netherlands)

En français When, during the construction of the new data centers of Equinix, the municipality of Amsterdam imposes restricti (...)


How to increase the use of nature-based solutions in urban areas?

Nature-based solutions (NBS) offer multiple benefits to address urban sustainable-development problems, especially related (...)


Sustainable Energy Forum: The role of real estate investment trusts in financing renovations

Join CINEA to learn about the role of real estate investment trusts in reaching the climate goals surrounding building renova (...)


If most cars can tell us how much energy we’re using, why can’t our houses?

When the energy supply faces severe constraints and threatens to come short for the demand, European eyes turn to the buildin (...)


5GDHC Regional analyses of the D2Grids project are out!

D2Grids project has the ambition to sustain and roll-out the outputs and activities of the project to a wide variety of targe (...)


9 Ways smart cities can use renewable resources

  Imagine a place where the streetlights automatically illuminate your path and turn off as you walk away, or where ghostly (...)


6th Annual Digital Construction Summit

Join Luxatia International and global executives as we return for our 6th Annual Digital Construction Summit in Prague, Czech (...)


Discover the 5GDHC grid in Genk inaugurated in September!

In September 2022, the inauguration of two infrastructure projects from the research collaboration between CollecTHOR and (...)


How do you combine BIM projects with supplier chain management?

  Nowadays, the discontinuity of information in a fragmented construction industry can result in massive losses of efficiency (...)