renovation strategies


Policy paper: how to integrate indoor environmental quality within national long-term renovation strategies

Good IEQ is a cornerstone of ensuring health, comfort, well-being and productivity in buildings, while reducing the building (...)


New guidance for public officers on the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive: Navigating new requirements for renovation strategies

  The Clean Energy for all Europeans policy package led to the revision of several key pieces of legislation related to the (...)


A snapshot of national renovation strategies. Examples from selected EU Member States

This briefing provides a snapshot of measures supporting building renovation in selected Member States as of September 2 (...)


Barriers that hinder deep renovation in the building sector

This report focuses on the main barriers to deep renovation that municipalities in Bulgaria, Croatia, Germany, Romania, Serbi (...)


EmBuild addressing barriers to deep renovation. A call for sound renovation strategies.

The second renovation strategies due in 2017 are an opportunity to overcome barriers and to boost deep renovation of the (...)