SUB Award 2013

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Three billion people already live in urban areas today, and this trend is certain to become even more pronounced in the foreseeable future, with the UN estimating that more than 6.5 billion people will live and work in urban settings by 2050. The resulting demands on urban infrastructures are also growing, including energy and traffic grids, communication systems and supply and waste removal systems. Along with these technological challenges, cities also face the complex task of ensuring quality of life for residents.

Stepping back for a view from the local or global level brings to light additional requirements for modern urban construction, such as climate and resource protection, global population growth and aging populations in industrial countries. Decisions about how our future will be shaped even at the local and global levels will thus be made largely with and by cities. 

Buildings are an important factor in this urban development, and the “Sustainable Urban Building Award" seeks to address this aspect. With a view to promoting Best Practice solutions, we ask applicants submitting buildings to the contest to showcase solutions that are already feasible and have been made reality today. For buildings you have already completed, show us:

  1. how buildings can be integrated into the infrastructures of the “city of the future”
  2. how buildings can make a positive contribution to infrastructures of the “city of the future”
  3. how buildings can help improve quality of life in a city

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