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2 questions to Louis Engel,
Safety & Sustainable Development Director, PAREX

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Why is your company committed to fighting climate change?

Energy consumption of buildings represents more than a third of the total consumption worldwide and is responsible for almost a quarter of the greenhouse gas emissions.

We believe that all players in the construction chain must be mobilised to fight against climate change and we decided to play our part. For several years, we have taken an active role in improving the thermal efficiency of buildings by developing our External Insulation Finishing System (EIFS) offer.

What actions did you put in place regarding sustainable development/CSR?

Our "BUILDING RESPONSIBLY" sustainable development programme is based on 4 commitments, to meet the environmental, social and societal challenges we face

  • innovating, continuously, to contribute to sustainable construction,
  • reducing our environmental footprint throughout the life cycle of our products,
  • acting for and with our employees,
  • anchoring our sites in their territory.

To go further in our commitment to fight climate change, we have deployed our Climate Programme 2 years ago. 

At the end of 2018, we will achieve the first part of our goals: measurement of greenhouse gas emissions in all of the countries where we operate; pursuing action plans launched with our suppliers and within our industrial units to reduce CO2 emissions; participation in planting 55,000 trees to reduce emissions as part of 10 agroforestry projects supported by PUR Project in the main countries where we operate.

This positive momentum encourages us to continue to reduce our emissions while contributing to the development of local communities.

Our ambition is to integrate these sustainable development actions into all our activities in order to contribute to the growth of sustainable construction.


Major player in construction chemicals, PAREX is a world leader, specialist of dry mix, providing solutions for the building community and acting in 3 fields: facade protection and decoration, tile setting and flooring systems, waterproofing systems and technical solutions for concrete and civil engineering.

We operate in 23 countries with 74 production sites and bring together 4,500 employees worldwide. Our ambition is to be the preferred partner on our markets and in the local economic and social structure around our sites. Since May 23rd, 2019, PAREX has been part of the SIKA Group.


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