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Jury Energy & Temperate Climates


Jury President : Ana Cunha, Head of Real Estate


Graduated in Civil Engineering, Ana is Head of Real Estate of Deerns France, being in charge of institutional and commercial development of the tertiary sector in Deerns Real Estate France. Ana is experienced in business development and development of new engineering jobs (particularly in the areas of fluids, BIM, Smart Buildings and Environment), in the development of new content and share expertise at Deerns Group. With her experience in sustainable construction and environmental certification systems, Ana chaired the group of European environmental policies of World Green Building Council between 2012 and 2014, also as part of its Executive Committee in Europe. Ana also chaired the working group on environmental indicators for buildings of UNEP-SBCI, is also active in this field within the SB Alliance. As Head of QUALITEL International Development between 2007 and 2014, Ana could develop multiple collaborative actions in the field of certification and environmental assessment, especially with Brazil, who coordinated the development of the HEQ International repository for Housing.


Carlos Andrés Arredondo Orozco, PhD in Physics (major in solar energy and solar cells), Electrical Engineer

University of Medellin, Colombia

Mr. Arredondo Orozco is an electrical engineer, working as Assistant Professor for the Energy Engineering undergraduate program at
Universidad de Medellin. From 2012-2014, he was the head of the Research Group on Renewable and Alternative Energies – GRINEN from Universidad de Medellin. He has been participating and conducting some investigations related with the development of photovoltaic systems (performance of stand-alone and grid-connected PV systems, study of solar radiation potential for PV applications) and new materials for solar cells. Since 2013, he is member of the Future Energy Leader Program (FEL-100) from the World Energy Council - WEC, in which there are only 100 young-leaders from different countries. Also, he is a member of the World Energy Scenarios Group of the WEC. He holds a PhD in Physics (solar energy, solar cells and solar materials) from Universidad Nacional de Colombia.

José A. Tenorio,

Ph. D. Civil Engineer, Section-Head Quality in construction

Eduardo Torroja Institute for Constraction Sciences. CSIC

He has a master degree in Civil Engineer from Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingenieros de Caminos, Canales y Puertos (ETSICCP), Madrid University and PhD in Seville University.
He has been working in the Eduardo Torroja Institute for constructionQuality in Construction Unit, since 1999 (now is Head of Quality in the Construction Area), where he has been responsible for the supporting activities to Ministry of housing in the development of the Spanish Building Code and has participated in other activities such as the Catalogue of Constructive Elements, or documents supporting the application of legal requirements and different activities in the construction sector. At the same time he is involved in R&D activities dealing with sustainability, energy efficiency and Energy Certification of Buildings.
Now he is the chairman in SC1 CTN198. AENOR Building Sustainability standardization committee and member of CEN/TC 350. He is also the representative from IETCC.CSIC in the Advisory Committee for the energy certification of buildings and has participated in formative activities related to energy efficiency in buildings.


LI Deying, General secretary of China association of Building Energy Efficiency (CABEE)

Social functions: Professional guidance and assessment committee of China college "architectural environment and equipment engineering”; Committee member of HVAC branch of China architectural society; Committee member of thermal power branch of China architectural society ;Vice-chairman of Beijing institute of civil engineering HVAC professional; Committee member of China district heating technology; Expert of the ministry of housing and urban-rural development(MOHURD); Chief of Beijing key laboratory “heating ,gas supply ,ventilation and air conditioning Engineering

Mainly engaged in building energy saving technology and regional energy utilization technology, Li Deying pushes the development of building energy saving and the heating reforms. In the recent years, he has undertaken more than 20 national and provincial major scientific research projects. More than 180 papers were published in academic journals in the domestic and overseas, in which more than 30 articles were retrieved by SCI, EI and ISTP. He has achieved 10 science and technology progress awards in the provincial and municipal, 15 invention and utility patents, and has trained more than 100 doctor and master graduated students.

Francis Schwall, Director, Neobuild

Of Belgian origin, Francis Schwall started his career as an Industrial Engineer from the Gram Zenobe Institute of Liege. During his twelve years of experience in monitoring and technical assistance in construction and durable construction of any type, Francis Schwall specializes in remediation of hazardous materials, as well as thermal performance of the building. His experiences have allowed him to participate in the development of a certification system and certification in sustainable construction and contribute to the realization of projects internationally. In Luxembourg, Francis Schwall supports the establishment of the Cluster Technological Innovation for Sustainable Construction. Since 11 June 2015, he held the position of Director of Neobuild within Neobuild Innovation Center.


Jury Energy & Hot Climates

Jury President : Brahmanand Mohanty,

Brahmanand Mohanty is associated with the School of Environment, Resources and Development of the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT, Thailand) since 1986, teaching subjects related to the rational use of energy and other resources in buildings and industries, environment and climate change, and urban energy sustainability. Since 1991, he has also been serving as the regional adviser in Asia for the Environment and Energy Management Agency (ADEME, France).

He has undertaken professional assignments for over a dozen multilateral developmental organizations in more than 20 countries within and outside Asia. He has published widely and is the author/co-author of books on topics related to energy technology, efficiency and management, sustainable urban energy, energy and the environment.

Brahmanand Mohanty obtained his doctorate degree in energy from the Institut National Polytechnique, France in 1985.


Mario Alberto Luna del Risco, PhD in Environmental Conservation. Master´s in Environmental Sciences and Landscape Management

University of Medellin, Colombia

Mr. Luna Del Risco is an environmental engineer, working at University of Medellin as a full-time assistant professor for the energy undergraduate program. He is part of the Future Energy Leader Program (FEL-100) from the World Energy Council, in which there are only 100 leaders from different countries. Mario studied a PhD at the Estonian University of Life Sciences with a thesis on kinetics and bioconversion of organic matter into biogas as a potential source of energy considering factors such economic feasibility and environmental emission reduction as key drivers for its implementation. Following the completion of the PhD, Mario gained experience working in the field of renewable energy, focusing on aspects related to potential biomass sources for biofuel, heat and electricity production. Mario also holds a masters in Environmental Sciences and Landscape Management at the Institute Supérieur d´Agriculture at Lille, France.


Arturo Alarcon, Industrial Engineer


He has been consultant of the Inter-American Development Bank regarding energy projects in Central-America and also of the Chilean National Copper Corporation (CODELCO) as well as other international projects in the environmental field. In IECA he assumed the challenge to coordinate the activities in the field of quality, sustainability, energy efficiency and GHG policies. IECA is an independent, private non profit association devoted to the study and promotion of technical knowledge related to cement-based products.Regarding Life Cycle Analysis of construction products and Environmental Products declarations, Arturo participated in the development of the first EPD for concrete in Spain and EPDs for nine average Cement EPDs produced in Spain. Arturo is secretary of the Spanish mirror group of the CEN/TC350 Sustainability of construction works; chairman of the AEN/CTN83/SC12, Spanish sub-committee of sustainability of concrete; expert of the CEN/TC104/SC1/TG20 PCR for concrete; and secretary of AEN/CTN 41/SC13 Building Information Model.

Mohammed Ahachad, Prof. Dr.


On behalf of public institutions and organizations such as the National Agency for Development of Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (ADEREE), and United Nations Development Program (UNDP), he was National Coordinator of Energy Efficiency Building Program in which Thermal Regulations for Construction was developed. He was also Coordinator of the ENERCOOP program (Mediterranean Cooperation Program in Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency) between the Provincial Council of Granada and Provincial Council of North of Morocco. Since 2010, He is holder of the Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Chair of the Euro-Arab Foundation for Higher Studies in Granada (Spain). In this framework, he organized in collaboration with Regional Center of Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (RCREEE) and the League of Arab States many workshop and training seminars on Energy efficiency and Renewable Energy for the benefit of the Arab world professionals. He was Executive Director (2009-2010) of the Arab Science and Technology Foundation, UAE (International NGO S & T, and responsible for several research projects within the framework of international cooperation.


Carole Vilet, CEO of the urban architecture agency


After having worked for international architecture agencies, Carole VILET architecte founded ARCAME in 1998, with Laurent PEZIN, an urban architect. The main characteristic of this architecture and urban design firm is the association of complementary skills around the act of building and that of reinventing the city, an intertwining of urban planning and architectural projects, from the city to the doorknob. We have a resolutely part of a sustainable approach and an indefectible will to offer a good quality of life, well-being, and achievements in harmony with their environment, programmes enriched by all the assets we find and reveal. In 2015, we have decided to get involved in the success of urban development at an international level, to become part of the organizations which address demographic, economic and environmental issues. Thus, we have created L’Agence FRANCAISE in order to gather professionals such as urban planners, architects, landscape gardeners and designers, to create a collective understanding of our future living conditions, to contribute together to the positive transformation of each territory according to its own identity, its context and its culture.

Alain Dubruille, Consultant

Alain Dubruille has worked for over 13 years in the development of mission and MOE AMO HQE, this experience gives him a highly operational approach to the practical implementation of sustainable construction approach.

Specialist of sustainable construction in the tropics, it has contributed to the repository adaptation work NF commercial buildings for DOM, on the project the Centre Hospitalier François in Martinique, on the RTG / RTM, during the technical commissions elements of adaptations to Antilles Bill energy transition, as well as other projects related to sustainable energy & construction in the West Indies as in France.

He served as Assistant and Technical Director of "Building Responsible Martinique" in the West Indies, member of BEEP and Intercluster network. He hosted the "Sustainable construction & energy in the tropics" community building 21. As part of its mission, Alain Dubruille was mobilized to the animation process of consultation and sensitization of stakeholders on a wide variety of projects, knowledge and experience of the public and private sector allow it to quickly identify issues and challenges of his interlocutors.


Low Carbon


VP OPERATIONS, Green Planet Architects

Dominican architect. Co-founder of 19 ° ES and Green Planet Architects, a pioneer in sustainable development in the DR. Magna Cum Laude graduate of the Pontificia Universidad Catolica Madre y Maestra, with a specialization in sustainable and bioclimatic architecture from the Association for Housing of the Future, in Valencia, Spain. Specialist in green certifications and commercial development of sustainable projects. Columnist for several national and international magazines relating sustainability issues. She is currently pursuing an MBA at Barna Business School one of the most prestigious business school in Latin America.


Emmanuel Gloumeau, Director

Green Actitud

Emmanuel Gloumeau has experience in managing and conducting projects for sustainable development: technical management, organizational and human. It accompanies the construction of the actors in the strategic deployment of their practices, using the tools of environmental engineering applied to the building sector (land use planning, construction and operation). It works and also provides training focused on the themes of environmental quality, and energy management systems. Referent HQE ™ International, Auditor NF Tertiary Buildings HQE ™, Administrator Cinov Construction, Emmanuel has a broad vision of environmental practices nationally and internationally.

Since 2012, it continues to expand its team in GREEN ACTITUD.

Smart Building

Paula Rivas, responsible for the certification area

Green Building Council Espana (GBCE)

Paula Rivas is the responsible for GBCe´s certification area, focusing on the development of assessment tools sustainability in buildings of various tipology and for both new construction and renovations. The GBCe´s tools are based on the LCA for environmental issues and seek to strengthen the social aspects of the building. We cover the development of tools, certification and training protocol and training for Accredited Assessors GBCe.

Master in bioclimatic architecture and Environment for the Politechnic University of Madrid, has participated in several publications and lectures about the state of the building sector in Spain, voluntary certification of buildings or performance evaluation of sustainable buildings.


Benoit Martin,



Cédric Borel, Director


Cédric BOREL conducts collaborative programs, a dynamic of methodological construction projects, participation in

public debates.

Cédric Borel has previously held positions in the majors of electrical and HVAC services, including being responsible for advancing the company towards new markets (energy efficiency, CPE, renewable energy, etc.) and assist in the risk business. Wishing to further participate in the wedding of the environment and business flow, Mr. Borel took the direction of the IFPEB early 2009.


Sustainable Construction & Renovation Grand Prizes

Jury President : Abdellatif Touzani, PhD in Chemical engineering

Ecole Mohammadia d'Ingénieurs

Mr. Abdellatif Touzani has extensive experience in energy efficiency, sustainable development and clean technology. In recent years, its commitment to improving the energy and environmental performance in many industries and buildings has led to concrete steps to setting goals and implementation of clean technology projects.

During the last decade, Mr. Touzani was engaged in the design of sustainable industrial investment projects that have demonstrated considerable potential for improving the environmental performance of companies. As an energy advisor in the industry and expert in clean technology, Mr.Touzani has accumulated extensive experience in the integration of sustainable development projects.


Anne Girault, director

Agence Parisienne du Climat

After more than 25 years of consultancy to local authorities and the public sector in the field of energy, environment and sustainable development, particularly internationally, Anne Girault took charge of Parisian Climate Agency in 2011 to accompany the energy transition planning.

Doctor in International and Political Science graduate of Economics, Anne is also associate lecturer at the Institute of Public Management at the University Paul Cézanne Aix-Marseille.


Josep Solé, European sustainibility & technical manager

URSA Insulation

Josep Solé has five years of experience in projects by architectural firms working in developing technical drafting of construction projects. He also has seven years of construction experience as site manager in construction companies and developers develop general work planning, organization and control of the execution of works and individuals in what refers to security measures thereof.

Since 1986, Josep Solé is responsible for Technical Services and Technology Marketing Management URSA Iberica Aislantes SA (formerly POLIGLAS) being responsible for technical support services company, technical communication, training of sales network, development of new products, monitoring regulatory developments.

Since September 2008, he is Sustainability and technical URSA INSULATION SA manager.


Marco D’Egidio, Technology and H&S expert

Italian Association of Homebuilders (ANCE)


Marco D’Egidio is graduated in civil engineering. He has worked as a site engineer for Consorzio Artigiano Sviluppo Edilizia, and as a civil engineering designer for DIZETA Engineering, in Italy. He has been working for the Italian Association of Homebuilders (ANCE) for almost 5 years. His missions are to advise companies’ construction on energy efficiency, renewable energy sources, and safety at work. He analyses the technical standards and regulations. He is also member of the Health and Safety Commission of the European Construction Industry Federation.


Nourredine Yassaa, Director

Centre de Développement des Energies Renouvelables (CDER)

Nourredine Yassa works in the Development of Renewable Energy. He is also Professor at the University of Sciences and Technology Houari Boumediene (USTHB) in Algiers. He is Vice Chairman of the Working Group of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) under the aegis of the United Nations, the National Designated Entity of the Centre and Network for Climate Technology " the Climate Technology Centre and Network, CTCN "under the aegis of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change and Member of the National Climate Committee. He is Chairman of the Board of the National Agency for Valuation of results of Research and Technological Development

Member of the Algerian Committee of the Executive Office of Energy, member of the Intersectoral Committee


Luis Felipe Lalinde Castrillón

Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana (Colombia)

Luis Felipe is graduated as a civil engineer in technologies in civil constructions, and from the Universidad Politécnica de Valencia, in Construction and ambient gestion engineering.

He is now working as a Research Professor in Faculty of Architecture in the Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana, and he is also director of Materfad, materials center of Barcelona. 



Smart City & Sustainable city Grand Prize

Jury President : Taoufik Souami, Enseignant-chercheur

Laboratoire Technique Territoires et Sociétés (LATTS)

After several years of practice as architect and urban planner, Taoufik Souami began a career as a researcher and teacher at the French Institute of Urban Planning in the early 1990. He first worked on self-production of the city by locals and urban practices in southern and northern Mediterranean. His work has turned subsequently to the analysis of urban manufacturing subject to environmental and sustainable development priorities. In this work, it binds legal and financial arrangements strategies, spatial and technical designs, with the representations and practices of users in sustainable development projects called. He is currently director of the French Institute of Urban Planning and co-director of the School of Planning of Paris and researcher at LATTS. He published: Sustainable Development and Eco-neighborhoods, Debates, achievements methods (The French Documentation, 2011) and Dream cities, sustainable cities? (Gallimard, 2009).

Ignasi Perez Arnal, Contents Director,

European BIM Summit 2017

Since 2012, Ignasi Perez Arnal has been the founder, partner and CBDO-Chief Business Development Officer of the BIM Academy. The BIM Academy leads the change environment in the Building Sector in Spain. Through educational programmes and through experiential events, BIM as process has to be implemented in the massive change that Construction has to suffer in Europe.

Since 2014, he has been Contents Director and co-founder of the European BIM Summit 2017, in Spain.  

Ignasi Perez Arnal has experience in the creation, development, internationalization and communication of materials, products and services related to sustainable urban planning and industrialized architecture and construction, eco-design and college graduate teaching services.


Maita Fernandez-Armesto

UN Habitat

Maita Fernandez-Armesto is graduated from the Universidad Polytécnica de Catalunya, in landscape

architecture. From 2005 to 2012, she worked as a landscape architect for the Ajuntament de Barcelona. Then, she was responsible for the Urban resilience in the same company, where she directed Urban resilience projects. Since 2013, she has worked has a senior programme management coordinator for the UN Habitat, at the City Resilience Profiling Programme.



David Albertani, Program director

R20 Regions of Climate Actions


David Albertani is currently Program Director at R20: Regions of Climate Action, which is a non- governmental organisation initiated by Arnold Schwarzenegger. His mission is to help local governments to design, finance and implement sustainable strategies and infrastructures by connecting bridges between authorities, private companies and investors. He manages projects which are mainly focused on Solid Waste Management, Energy efficiency and Renewable Energies in developing countries.


Angie Fyfe, Executive Director

ICLEI - Local Governments for Sustainability, USA

Angie Fyfe leads the U.S. team that supports, inspires, and enables cities, counties, and regions to address climate change and build healthy, equitable, resilient communities. She is a member of ICLEI's global senior management team.
As the USGBC Colorado Executive Director, she provided the green building industry with education and evidence-based public policy strategies. 
Previously, as the Associate Director of the Colorado Governor’s Energy Office, she facilitated communities to focus on energy, water, finance, transportation, and materials. she managed grants delivered by more than 100 energy service providers with a return on investment of $8 to every $1 in grant funding. The team passed 57 pieces of legislation, accelerating clean energy development and creating a “New Energy Economy." She was appointed by the U.S. Department of Energy to advise Secretary of Energy, Steven Chu.
Additionally, she spent 14 years as a Founder of an online real estate services company and the Real Estate Partnership Manager of a global corporate relocation services firm. Her clients included Johnson & Johnson, Fidelity Investments, Costco, IBM, CH2MHill, and Frist Data Western Union.
With more than 20 years’ built-environment experience in a diversity of sectors she actively advise the City of Denver on its climate action agenda as a member of the Denver Mayor’s Office of Sustainability Advisory Council. Her former advisory positions include the University of Colorado Denver speakers’ bureau, Wirth Chair Sustainability Series, and non-profit, Women in Sustainable Energy.

Mahi Tabet Aoul,


Mahi Tabet Aoul is graduated from the Sorbonne University in Paris, from the University of Strasbourg, the University of Fort Collins in Colorado, and the University of Miami. He also has a diploma in bit management.

He is the director for predictive and transmission algerian meteorology services. Mahi Tabet Aoul is the founder and director of the hydrometeorological institute for training and research -ihfr- and of the regional center omm-algeria. He is a University professor. He is member of the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change)