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Sustainable City 
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2 questions for Jean-Pierre Frémont,
Local Authorities Director, EDF

Why is your company committed to fighting climate change?

As players committed in a sustainable and concrete way in the fight against climate change, EDF and its specialised subsidiaries offer numerous energy services and expert solutions that are increasingly adapting to the needs of local authorities, as well as to the energy transition challenges. Our ambition is to contribute to strengthening the economic activity and innovation of territories, to improve the life quality of the inhabitants, to build sustainable cities, while respecting low carbon requirements of the 21st century.

Through our adaptability, our technological expertise and our wide range of skills and solutions, EDF asserts the reliability of its advice and the relevance of its technological choices, in the service of energy transition and green growth.

This allows our customers to have a forward-looking view, benefiting from expert solutions and relevant advice. They thus have access to efficient energy services that are adapted to many different situations and needs, in the service of a carbon-free performance.

EDF, partenaire de la ville et des territoires Optimal Solutions Citileum, Dijon

The sustainable city by EDF
Watch the video: EDF, partner of cities and territories

The double Smartgrid in Nanterre, France, by Optimal Solutions
Design and realisation of sustainable energy solutions and performance guarantees ©Ramdam
Watch the video: Double Smart Grid, a doubly smart energy solution

The supervision project of the city of Dijon, France, realised with Citelum
Watch the video: Dijon, the 1st smart and connected metropolis


What actions did you put in place regarding sustainable development/CSR?

The world of energy is changing. Energy is becoming more and more decentralised, carbon-free, digital. The customer is becoming more and more involved in his consumption and energy savings. Wind, sun, sea: we try to make the best use of natural resources.

All these innovations also make us change and evolve. This desire for transformation, this will to remain close to customers and territories, at the heart of energy transition and climate issues, is our new strategic horizon CAP2030: being a responsible electricity provider, champion of low carbon growth.

We have committed to reduce by at least 40% our already low CO2 emissions, to become carbon neutral by 2050, and to develop 30 GW of solar energy by 2035.

In addition, we have selected six Corporate Responsibility Goals, in line with the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals. They each carry a strong ambition on:

- Climate and carbon
- Human development of Group employees
- Offers to customers, in particular to vulnerable customers
- Energy efficiency
- Dialogue and consultation
Biodiversity conservation

We are therefore committed to providing answers to the transformation of the world of energy and to integrating the economic, societal and environmental dimensions into the heart of our strategy.


As a major player in the energy transition, the EDF Group is an energy provider that is increasingly present in the field of renewable energies and energy services.

EDF and its subsidiaries, through the EDF Energy Solutions, offer performance and energy efficiency solutions to serve their customers in France. EDF and its subsidiaries are already offering new energy solutions for connected urban lighting, residential heating, charging electric vehicles, local electricity production, energy storage, thermal smart grids and smart electricity grids, etc. 

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