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The Green Building Solutions Awards,
showcasing sustainable construction

The Green Building Solutions Awards are an international competition run by the Construction21 network. Each year they reward professionals who built exemplary buildings with solutions that contribute to the fight against climate change.

To apply to the contest, professionals directly publish their case studies on one of the Construction21 platforms. With the powerful media that Construction21 is, these exemplary buildings will be seen by a million of professionals over the year 2016, in all Construction21 countries and across the world.

An exceptional event linked to the Climate Conferences

In 2015, the awards ceremony took place during the COP21 in Paris, on December 3rd. The 2016 edition of the contest will award the winners during the COP21 in Marrakech, Morocco.

The competing buildings will be identified as « Climate Solutions » for the COP and will benefit from the massive media cover generated by the international conference on climate.

Key dates of the competition

May to July


Publication of case studies describing the buildings and solutions competing on the Construction21 platforms.



In each category and each organizing country, selection of the best buildings by a jury of national experts. Plus national online votes to designate in each country the user’s choice award winner.

End of September


Announcement of the national winners, nominated for the international contest.



Deliberations of the international jury to designate the world winners and international online vote to elect the user’s choice award winner at the international level.

End of November


Announcement of the winners and awards ceremony in Marrakech, during the COP22.

Enter the 2016 contest
See the 2015 contest rules

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