This award recognizes the contributions of a product toward the transformation of the Romania construction and real estate industries toward greater sustainability.

Eligible products can be new (invented and commercialized) for the contest year or new to Romanian market.  

Note | Please read first the submission criteria for this award category posted here below.

Submission for this award should be an article published on Construction21.  The document sould comprise

  • Company name;
  • Company description;
  • Address;
  • Contact details of Person Submitting the Nomination (name, phone number, email );
  • Link to the respective product/system within the case studies of buildings that implemented them ( if the product/system is not linked to a case study, than a  Brief Product Description  should be mentioned,  with a minimum of 5 pictures as well );
  • Notable environmental and sustainable achievement of the product or system;
  • Person nominated to accept the award on behalf of the initiative  (this is the one person who will receive the invitation to attend the Gala award dinner as a guest of the RoGBC  if this award is selected by the jury on to the “short list” of three nominees.  This is transferable but must be communicated to the organizers no later than July 11, 2015).

The Romanian version of this document should be published within News (Noutăți) section of Construction21 and the English version should be posted on RoGBC Awards Community Files .

Please contact the RoGBC team for information:

  • regarding the uploading process and how the platform works : Mihaela Nicolau ,  Construction21 Content Manager, , mobil: 0732 603 742
  • details about  RoGBC Gala Awards : Alex Mocanu at, mobil: 0745 469 287


Here are the categories on a score sheet for the use of the jury to indicate potential scoring:

Sustainable Approach  | How is the product manufactured?  What is the level of concern for the whole lifecycle energy use and environmental impact of the product?  Does the product have a “regenerative” quality to healing the planet and solving existing environmental challenges? (Mark out of a possible 30Points)

Transformational impact | How did the product or innovation change the market into a more green and sustainable environment? (Mark out of a possible 20Points)

Company focus on this product | How important is the innovation to the company and how it promotes the product? i.e. are they moving clearly in a green direction or is this an ancillary product? (Mark out of a possible 15Points)

Local innovation | Is the product developed and/or manufactured in Romania?  What is the “Carbon Footprint” of the innovation? (Mark out of a possible 15Points)

Number of Likes  received for the Article posted on News section of can obtain a mark out of a possible 20Points


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