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EFdeN – multidisciplinar approach in sustainable development

-        The Green Initiative of the Year 2014 -



  • Name of the Organization: Solar Decatlon Bucharest Association
  • Address: Lacul Tei Blv. 116, district 2, Bucharest
  • Person(s) involved in the initiative: Management of the team was composed by Ioana Prodan, Mihai Toader-Pasti, Claudiu Butacu and Eduard Daniel Raducanu and the professors Zina Macri, Ancuta Neagu, Tiberiu Catalina, Stelian Constantinescu, Dorina Onescu Tarbujaru. The team was composed by over 60 students that can be found here:
  • Contact details: Ioana Prodan,, +40 720 222 232
  • Person nominated to accept the award on behalf of the initiative: Ioana Prodan

 The team in the competition

What began as a close-knit group of architects and engineers in training, with a passion for learning and a desire to put their dreams of a greener Romania into practice, is now a multidisciplinary team of nearly 60 students, taking that same dream to a whole new level. Solar Decatlon Bucharest is currently one of the leading student-based NGOs focused on eco-education and works towards bringing together those who are the deciding factors in our field and those who wish to bring about a change in Romania’s green policies and market.

The EFdeN initiative and its house prototype aim to shift the perspective on eco-friendly buildings in Romania, starting with its young people. Through this project, students have the opportunity to put into practice theoretical concepts, resulting in an improved learning process and in valuable experiences which shape not only their professional lives, but also their personal ones.


In 2014 the EFdeN team took part in the international competition Solar Decathlon Europe, in Versailles, France. After months of research, brainstorming, planning and all-around hard work, the student team assembled their modular house in 10 days, competing with teams from all over the world. This was the crowning achievement of an educational journey for the students, their teachers, their partners and sponsors. The prototype has since returned in Romania and is currently set to become the first Centre for the Research of Comfort Conditions in our country, offering the opportunity of a first-hand experience in house building for a new batch of students.

The fact that the prototype is pre-certified Green Homes it’s not enough for the team as they are working to certify the prototype Living building Challenge, a standard that was implemented in the project by concept, design and technologies from the early beginning.

One of the main strong points of this initiative is its response to real, tangible and well documented issues in Romania, specifically, but also on a global level. Students, members of our team or otherwise, can educate themselves on urban environment problems such as indoor air pollution, inadequate waste management, traffic congestion and  the usage of unsuitable construction materials. We also try to provide a view of the bigger picture on a sustainable way of living. We believe in being permanently connected to the international ecological education scene and locally applying what we ourselves have learnt.


A solar powered house, built with sustainable materials and which employs conscious consumption of resources and efficient recycling mechanisms – it’s a complex and ambitious project made simple by its seamless integration into today’s housing market. In technical terms, the EFdeN prototype utilizes solar panels for providing electricity and hot water, passive strategies such as phase changing materials and thermal buffer zones and an innovative HVAC system that uses and integrated greenhouse. In layman’s terms, it’s a house that is good for the environment and good for you.


Another asset of this project lies in the way in which it makes direct contact with the top players in the markets, be it the real estate market, the educational one or the technology market. We are fortunate enough to partake in events and competitions that bring together businessmen, specialists and policy makers, the people who have a say in the development of the Romanian market. The project has been met with enthusiasm by all and it has since proved its relevance and applicability. The Romanian market is only just beginning to grow and it is showing tremendous potential for green and sustainable products. The EFdeN initiative and prototype are living proof of this. Sustainability is no longer a mere option, it is a proven solution to an array of environmental issues and we firmly believe that our project is playing its part in promoting this concept in Romania through our educational endeavors.

          Through our day to day activities we strive to prepare young people for their future and to instill in them a sense of responsibility and respect for the enviroment.






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