Outcome of environmentally conscious material choices at a neonatal department in the main hospital i Karlstad

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Landstinget in Värmland has long acted consciously to choose and regulate the “best” environmentally friendly products in construction. In its buildings Landstinget does not wish to build in material which it subsequently may have to sanitize or retrofit later or which might cause illness. By controlling the selec- tion of materials and managing output, risks and pro- blems can be minimized reducing later stage impact to the environment.
What impact in terms of reduced unwanted chemi- cal presence does Landstingsfasigheter in Värmland achieve through their work and at what increased expenditure?

The difference between building with environmental or without environmental requirements but with the same functional requirements is in the present case estimated to 201249 SEK. The total cost for the con- struction was 59,229 thousand SEK, the subsequent increase in building environmentally consciously was 0.33% of the total budget, excluding equipment for this project. At the sime time there was a reduction of through active environmetal choices approximately 800 kg (787-915 kg) of phthalates have not been released and that the benefit to the environment is not insignificant. In ad- dition, we know that we did not have to use 1598kg PVC plastic by choosing a different superior plastic.


All premature infants in care in the region will directly benefit through reduced exposure to chemicals at the same time as the entrepreneurs will learn to think on the environment in other projects.

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