Solution of geothermal tubes, also called Canadian wells

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  • Producer : El sistema se construye en obra y se ha realizado con tubos de polipropileno reforzado REHAU
  • Contact : Calculista: Cristina Gutiérrez Cid
  • Product category : solar heat


Use of enthalpic recuperator combined with geothermal wells. For forced ventilation by CTE, an installation of geothermal pipes that preheat or cool the air, depending on the seasons, prior to entering the circuit, has been used as a support system. The energy equivalent of the contribution of this system is 31,726 kWh. This reduces the consumption of energy to condition the indoor air and starts the way for the exploitation of this system on a larger scale.


This system, used in LUCIA, a building previously built by UVA, has shown an excellent result.

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