Demand-oriented, cost-efficient and ambitious energy planning

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The energetic quality of the building could be achieved due to an ambitious planning, which follows the following principles:
- Cooperation of architecture and house technology. The energy concept incorporates both aspects of the building to achieve the best interaction between building envelope and technical installations. Recommendations by TGA planners for sun protection and insulation standards enable the use of a slim house technology
- careful determination of the needs and design of the technical installations. The needs of the user are precisely examined (occupancy, comfort requirement). On the basis of dynamic thermal simulations, the size of the technical installations (eg ventilation systems, floor cooling) and their regulation are optimized.
- Application of cost-effective, market-driven solutions. When choosing the technical components, the cost-benefit ratio is always taken into account. This is always invested in the right place, be it in the technical center or on the roof!


This planning approach is synonymous with quality and longevity for the client.

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