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    Edi Kurniawan/Unsplash S. Travis Waller, UNSW et Kasun Wijayaratna, University of Technology Sydney Uber, Ola, Car Next Door, GoGet, Urbi and Shareabike have transformed the mobility experience for millions (...)

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    Elizabeth Mossop, University of Technology Sydney As the current New South Wales flooding highlights, it’s not enough to continue to build cities and towns based on business-as-usual planning principles (...)

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    Megan Nethercote, RMIT University Australia’s emerging build-to-rent sector is growing — “booming” by some accounts with a 70% jump in value in the past year. Under this model, institutional investors (...)

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    Shutterstock Sonja Pedell, Swinburne University of Technology et Ann Borda, The University of Melbourne Senior citizens need help and encouragement to remain active as they age in their own communities (...)

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