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    EQRoy/Shutterstock Geoff Hanmer This history of the development of universities is the first of two articles on the past and future of the campus. This is a long read, so set aside the time to read it (...)

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    Rolf_52/Shutterstock Samantha Donnelly, University of Technology Sydney et Hugo Chan, UNSW Australia urgently needs housing types that meet the needs of older women facing homelessness. One such model (...)

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    Ryan Remiorz/AP/AAP Mengbi Li, Victoria University The coronavirus has been escaping with distressing frequency from quarantine hotels, threatening serious outbreaks. To make things worse, multiple variants (...)

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      Fiona Goodall/Getty Images An article by Robert McLachlan, Massey University The Climate Change Commission’s draft advice on how to decarbonise New Zealand’s economy is refreshing, particularly as it (...)

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      Norman Day, Swinburne University of Technology Throughout the world architects are designing green buildings, whether it’s in their sustainable construction, environmentally friendly operation or actually (...)

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