Climate Drops App - Rewarding Energy Savings in Buildings

  • Zhytomyr

  • Année de livraison : 2017
  • Impact CO2 : Approximately 0.5 tonne per app user, 250 tonnes of CO2 emissions reduced in 2018
  • Gestionnaire/Concessionnaire : KT-Energy LLC

  •  Energies Vertes : Solaire photovoltaique
  •  Services Numériques : Autre
  •  Mobilités Responsables : Logistique urbaine (Dernier KM)
  •  Economie Circulaire & Déchets : Apport Volontaire

  • Publié le 14 juin 18
    par Kyryl Tomliak|International
    Vue 2002 fois

  • Concours

    Green Solutions Awards 2018 - Infrastructures

    The key assets of the Climate Drops app are the following:
  •  Climate Drops app motivates its users to make climate-friendly lifestyle and customer choices. People behave carbon free due to economic reasoning, since every specific climate-friendly action, tracked by the App, has certain commercial value and liquidity. The latter, in turn, is ensured through the integration with businesses loyalty programs of the App Partners, which become eco-friendly. 
  •  Supports climate responsibility of the business operating in the cities. There are several reasons why the App’s partners provide discounts in exchange for Climate Drops and thus foster demand for them. First of all, businesses enhance interaction with their new and existing clients, working together for the better global climate on a win-win basis. Secondly, businesses receive additional promotion. Thirdly, they get easy-to-implement and ready-to-use loyalty program and access to green-minded users. Finally, they can sell Climate Drops to individuals and businesses willing to offset their carbon footprints.
  •  Use of modern technologies for accurate tracking and verification of certain climate-friendly activities of individuals, their groups and small businesses. The technologies include: blockchain based tokenization of tracked climate-friendly actions, based on their carbon emission reduction outcomes; use of artificial intelligence to verify bike tracks; use of internet of things for climate-friendly activities tracking, etc.

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