EAN Technology Headquarters

  • Type de projet : Renovation
  • Type de bâtiment : Tour de bureaux > 28m
  • Année de construction : 1997
  • Année de livraison : 2018
  • Zone climatique : [Dwa] Continental Humide. Hiver rigoureux et sec, été très chaud.
  • Surface nette : 1 997 m2
  • Coût de construction : 1 210 946 €
  • Nombre d'unités fonctionnelles : 117 Poste de travail
  • Coût/m² : 606 €/m2
  • Coût/Poste de travail : 10 350 €/Poste de travail

Modéré par : Clément Gaillard

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    EAN Technology considers environmental performance and sustainability in all aspects of the built environment.  In response to the increasing awareness in sustainable refurbishment that provides the opportunity to transform existing buildings into green buildings, EAN established strategies to become a green retrofit business provider.  As a first step towards our vision to become a world-class firm providing the green retrofitting engineering and consulting service, EAN strived its first green retrofitting project – EAN Technology Headquarters Renovation project.  

    In 2018, EAN Technology has opened its new headquarters in Teheran-ro, the economic center of Seoul, by renovating the old office building with the sustainable renovation design strategies and measurements.  With EAN’s in-depth knowledge and experience in environmental engineering and sustainable building design, the building performance, especially energy efficiency, and indoor environmental credentials of the existing building were greatly improved.  As a result, this project has awarded major domestic and global Green Building Certifications and became the standard of sustainable renovation among outdated buildings which could be used for the future case study.  The sustainably renovated new headquarters of EAN Technology building symbolically revealing the corporate value and the direction of EAN Technology in contributing to achieving environmental sustainability.



    EAN Bldg, 11-19, Teheran-ro 77-gil, Gangnam-gu , 06159 Seoul Other countries

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