LOIC's fourth "Innovation Dating" is coming on October 16th!

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What is the LOIC?

The Luxembourg Open Innovation Club (LOIC) was born out of the understanding that big companies and startups/SMEs need each other. Startups/SMEs need ways to accelerate validation, market adoption and growth. On the other hand, traditional companies need to multiply their confidence in innovation by accessing new solutions, business models, etc.

In partnership with the local entrepreneurial ecosystem, we enable collaboration between startups/SMEs and big companies based in Luxembourg.

Innovation dating description

Human-Centered Design embraces all industries and sectors. It can be everywhere and it pertains to both the Digital and non-Digital world.

Corporates have well understood that using a human-centred approach to design and development brings substantial economic and social benefits for users and suppliers.

On the one hand, User Experience (UX) is all about solving problems for users (including research, ideation, prototyping/design and test phases).

On the other hand, User Interface (UI) is designing visual interfaces for interactive systems (including visual identity, visual design, interactive design and information design).

Taking into account the elements aforementioned, corporates Members classified their challenges in four topics. Startups/SMEs’ solutions should demonstrate at least one of the following topics:

Analysing users' needs
through UX research

  • Deep understanding of the users’ needs, expectations, and pain points
  • Qualitative research (interviews, observation, etc.)
Applying UX methodologies to solve

  • Co-creation with users
  • Storyboarding, personae & customer journeys
  • Prototyping
  • Making efforts on the user interface design and iterating
Testing the solutions with real users and
potential users

  • Usability and UX tests
  • Beta testing
  • Measuring the UX
  • Focused group sessions & other co-creation workshops for prototype testing
Demonstrating a strong customer-centric

  • Trainings & sensibilisation sessions to internally raise awareness
  • Moving from a product-centric approach to a customer-centric approach
  • Using the UX and Design Thinking approach for internal purposes

Modéré par : Laetitia Malega

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