Construction21 is a social media dedicated to all professionals active in the sustainable building sector.

Our objective ? Accelerate building transition to green by facilitating innovation and best practices dissemination between practitioners, public authorities, researchers and academics.

Construction21 network

With Construction21, you can:

  • stay tuned with sustainable construction info
  • promote your company and activities
  • benefit from your peers' experience and feedback
  • exchange with experts in sustainable construction
  • expand your professional network

Access to the site is completely free. Contents are provided by all users and moderated before publication. Contribute to Construction21

Our mission and values

As a portal of general interest, Construction21 is meant:

  • to stimulate the sharing of knowledge
  • to help pushing topics and challenges on the public debate
  • to build an ecosystem of innovation and acting communities
  • to exert an influence and to boost the development of new markets in sustainable contruction.

The Construction21 international network shares values of ethics, excellency and transparency.

From local to global

Construction21 has developed an original approach, combining local to global. Construction21 is first considered as a national portal, where users share information and experiences with their peers, in their language.

Construction21 is also an international online network, offering to professionals an access to innovations issued from the whole Europe.

Join Construction21 community!

Join a great community on sustainable construction. Support the green building movement in your country and enjoy the benefits of being part of a forward looking community! You will actively participate to the green building and will enjoy the benefits for yourself and your organisation. Join us.

Six countries in 2012, soon worldwide!

In 2012 Construction21 launched six national platforms in France, Germany, Italy, Lithuania, Romania and Spain. They are linked together via a central platform in English connected to BUILD UP, the European Commission website dedicated to Energy efficiency in buildings. Direct links allow each user to easily access information from the different platforms developed by each country proceeding from other countries.

From 2013, Construction21 began to spread throughout Europe and other continents and already covers Belgium, Luxemburg and Morrocco and, coming soon. Algeria. Brazil and China should be the next countries to open, and we aim to reach 50 platforms across the world by 2020.

You are a national organisation aiming to accelerate building sector transition to green in your country? Please contact us !

An innovative multi-Partner project

Construction21 has been initiated by IFPEB and developed by a consortium of 9 European partners. Each partner leads its own local platform and develops it with local professionals in the country. CIRIDD is the technical partner in charge of IT developments benefiting from AGORA21 and MEDIATERRE projects.

From May 2013 and the end of the European funded period, the portal is co-managed by the different local chapters. These chapters, issued form the founding partners team, are nonprofit or academic organisations closely linked to green building sector in each country.

The network is coordinated by an international nonprofit association created in April 2013 (Construction21 AISBL), co-owned by all the current chapters. They will be joined progressively by the future partners opening Construction21 platforms in new countries.

Construction21 has been developed by CIRIDD is the technical partner in charge of IT developments benefiting from AGORA21 and MEDIATERRE projects.

Updated August 19, 2014