The Green Building & City Solutions Awards is an international contest organized by the Construction21 network. Every year, it rewards buildings, solutions, and best eco-districts involved in the fight against climate change.

You are a construction professional or urban planning specialist?  Enter the contest and publish case studies describing your delivered projects - wether they are buildings or eco-districts - on your local Construction21 platform.  Thanks to the dissemination power of social media, your innovations will be known by one million professionals throughout 2016, all around the world.


An exceptional event connected with the COPs

The Green Building & City Solutions Awards 2016 will reward the winners during the Marrakesh’s COP22 in November.

The competing project will be identified as "Climate Solutions" for the COP and will benefit from the massive media cover generated by the international climate conference. 

Participating the contest is free. Submitted projects must have been delivered by 30th of June 2016. For urban projects, at least a part must be achieved before 30 June 2016.


Contest Calendar

May 10
to July 08


Publication of case studies describing candidate solutions, buildings and eco-district on the Construction21 platforms



In each category and in each country, a selection of the best buildings is designated by a national jury. Internat users are also invited to designate their favorite project.

September 26th


Press conference to announce national winners, those projects will enter the international finals



Proceedings of the international jury to elect the international winners. New online vote to distinguish the international Internet users’ choice award winners.

November 15th


Announcement of international winners at COP22 in Marrakech


What is the COP ?

The COP ( "Conference of Parties") is an international conference organized every year under the auspices of the United Nations about climate change. The COP21, held in Paris in December 2015, has set ambitious objectives reducing human impact on climate change and contain global warming below 2 ° C. The 22nd COP in Marrakech will consolidate the Paris Agreement by concrete commitments of countries.

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