Sustainable Renovation Grand Prize winner of the #GBCSawards 2016: Edificio Zaramaga (Spain)

 Zaramaga  renovation  #GBCSAwards  contest
Paskelbė Sylvain Bosquet

This project firstly aimed to drastically reduce energy consumptions for three blocks of the residence. The renovation had to be comprehensive while ensuring true comfort for the inhabitants to stay and get better accessibility.

To reach these goals, the Luz y Espacio Energía Arquitectura and IMV Arquitectos agencies chose several solutions:

  • efficient wall insulation and joinery
  • the closing of existing facades (balconies)
  • a thorough work on the roof and its insulation
  • the creation of outside elevators for accessibility
  • a serious study of solar exposures
  • air tightness tests
  • a heat recovering ventilation to prevent diseases and discomfort

The renovation of the residence was led with a reduced financial impact on landlords.

  • Contractor: UTE Lagunketa-Reyco
  • Designers: Luz y Espacio Energía Arquitectura, IMV Arquitectos
  • Address : Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain

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Moderated by : Nadège Rigaudeau

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