• Tipologia di progetto : Nuova costruzione
  • Tipo di edificio : Data center
  • Anno di costruzione : 2018
  • Anno di consegna : 2019
  • Zona climatica : [BSh] Subtropical Dry Semiarid (Steppe)
  • Superficie utile calpestabile : 350 m2
  • Costo di costruzione/ristrutturazione : 245 000 €
  • Numero delle unità funzionali : 1 Kw installati
  • Costi/m2 : 700 €/m2
  • Costi/Kw installati : 245 000 €/Kw installati

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    Green Solutions Awards 2019 - Edifici

    Energia e Climi Caldi

    ​"The judicious and maximum application of local materials saves foreign exchange, creates jobs, constitutes local know-how and develops the strengths of regional cultural and technical heritage. Producing local materials to build some "test" housing units, however, is not enough. It is necessary to produce for sale, there by providing an income for producers and an enrichment for low-income populations. J.Vauthrin, Anarchy and reason for architecture, L'Harmattan, Paris, 1989, pag. 176)

    Over time, Bobo grew to become a city of more than 600,000  inhabitants ( New roa

    ds appeared, along which dominates a building constructed without differentiation of materials or typology. 

    The orientations, the ventilation, the green and the intimacy of the inhabitants are not taken into account in the realization of the primary infrastructures or the Habitat. The environmental impact of extracting sand and gravel to build cement is not. No importance is given to runoff studies to avoid flooding and severe damage to buildings. Local governments are forced to accept projects as they come from capital or foreign offices, and their expertise is rarely taken into account at the planning stage. As a result, people prefer to live in self-managed and self-built NO LOTIS without risk.

     With this project I want to attract the attention of architects and technicians who have the task of building the city in the Sahel, the need for a "healthy" habitat, made of local materials and sustainable that does not waste energy and at the same time take into account the cultures in which it will fit.


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    SATIRI, (BOBO-DSSO) , bp.2081 BOBO-DIOULASSO Altri Paesi

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