Mineroom Student Residence Leoben

  • Tipologia di progetto : Nuova costruzione
  • Tipo di edificio : Residenza studentesca
  • Anno di costruzione : 2016
  • Anno di consegna : 2016
  • Zona climatica : [Dfb] Humid Continental Mild Summer, Wet All Year
  • Superficie utile calpestabile : 5 900 m2
  • Costo di costruzione/ristrutturazione : 12 500 000 €
  • Numero delle unità funzionali : 139 Appartamenti
  • Costi/m2 : 2 119 €/m2
  • Costi/Appartamenti : 89 928 €/Appartamenti

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    Energie & gemäßigtes Klima
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     The reference to the city of Leoben and the university to nature and its resources is reflected in the building Change as a design element, pre-grayed formwork forms a vein over the untreated larch wood formwork, the façade will discolour irregularly over time Continuous space-forming edges preserve the closed street space in Anzengrubergasse and extend the street space in Josef Heißl-Straße towards the city Blockrandbebauung protects the courtyard and the garden from street noise+ By lowering a southern part of the building sun-window to the yard
    + "Green wall" in front of south-facing façade parts in the courtyard and in Anzengrubergasse, positive effect on the microclimate
     The recessed ground floor zone along Josef Heißl-Straße and on the corner of Anzengrubergasse provides insights into student life and views into the inner courtyard Natural lighting of the access zones, reduction of power consumption for lighting covered bicycle parking spaces next to the entrance
     Architectural competition with general contractor and price guarantee as a basis Integration of the executing company and the specialist planner already in the competition phase ambitious schedule with a total of 18 months planning and construction time requires a high degree of responsiveness in decisions, flexibility and solution-oriented action by all parties involved Local building supervision (ÖBA) by the client, but support by the team of architects to ensure the architectural quality in agreement with the general contractor (architects are subcontractors of the general contractor!) continuous partnership working of all participants with the focus on completing the building in the best possible quality in the given time, meeting at eye level  Opening of mineroom on schedule after only 11 months of construction
    Wooden construction except entrance, cellar and staircase1,900 m³ of installed wood binds 2,000 t of CO2Upcycling, door cut-outs of the KLH walls become mobile furniture, 250 m² of chipboard are saved and another 25 t of CO2 boundPassive House Plus Standard with high-energy-efficient ventilation system+ Use of all roof areas for the largest possible photovoltaic system
     Optimization of power-consuming components and avoidance of standby functions International students become multipliers and carry the idea of ​​a passive house and energy-efficient construction to their home countries
    CONCEPT House technology
    Building envelope passive house standard according to PHI DarmstadtPhotovoltaic system388 PV modules in east-west orientation occupied, modules monocrystalline á 300Wp with 3 inverters.Total rated power: 116 kWp     Total production per year: 105,000 kWh     Total CO2 savings per year: 12,600 kg / a  Floor space and piping for power storage already provided.  Use of LED lighting throughout the building  Motion detector and twilight switch in the general areas  Comfort ventilation system with parallel rotary heat exchanger and use of special pocket and pleated filters to reduce the flow resistance of the ventilation systemVentilation unit Trox Cube with 2 rotary heat exchangersAir volume flow 4,500m³ / h per rotation exchangerRe-heat number (EN308) 90.58%Moisture content 73.14%.
    Lifts with recovery of braking energyUse of water saving valves with extended cold water range to reduce hot water consumptionCoverage of residual heat demand and hot water treatment with district heating (process waste heat from VOEST Alpine Stahl)Charging for e-bikes and electric cars
    Land area 3,214 m2Built area 1,449 m2Gross floor area 7.196 m2Usable area home 5,900 m2Total number of homes 201Total accommodation 139
    Exterior wall 0.104 W / m2K
    Roof 0.067 W / m2K
    Ceiling against unheated 0,091 W / m2K
    Windows / Uw

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    , 2700 Leoben Österreich

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