Plymouth pilot site: 5th generation heating and cooling grid in practice!

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Plymouth pilot site: 5th generation heating and cooling grid in practice!

Plymouth's 5GDHC heating and cooling grid aims to impact the city by using local resources in a smart and productive way.

By using a low temperature system that operates with heat pumps at the building level, Plymouth's grid provides heating and cooling to the city. To increase self-sufficiency, the grid is also connected to solar panels on building roofs to optimise space and supply renewable electricity during certain periods of the year to run the heat pumps.

To benefit from Plymouth's coastal location, a geothermal well has been constructed and produces a large amount of water with the potential to heat hundreds of homes. The water is pumped through a rock filter, cleaned, purified, and then used for heating and cooling. Once it has been used, the water is returned to the sea. This solution is safe, economic and provides low-cost, low-carbon heat to homes and businesses throughout the city. The only waste is cold seawater, which is returned to the sea. This geothermal well is considered one of the most sustainable and responsive in the United Kingdom.

The pilot site's grid aims to expand to deliver low-carbon heat throughout the city, particularly in the city center where there is a high demand for heating and cooling.

Watch the video below !

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