Landsea New Mansion (China): Health & Comfort Winner - Green Solutions Awards 2018

Landsea New Mansion (China): Health & Comfort Winner - Green Solutions Awards 2018

The Landsea New Mansion project is located in the west suburbs of Shanghai and covers a 13,433m2 area, with three 5-storey residential buildings. This project capitalizes on the construction manager’s years of experience in healthy and comfortable buildings, notably by following the approach of international standards. 

In order to offer optimal living standards to the inhabitants, the Landsea New Mansion has been refurbished to find balance between health, comfort, energy savings, preservation of the environment and smart building

Comfort and health in these three buildings are provided through innovative technologies: intelligent furniture, “Landleaf” formaldehyde control technology & “Ultra-Clean Fresh” air renewal technology

For thermal comfort, the buildings fully use passive construction principles with envelope heat preservation system, super seal doors and windows, louver shadings, heat pump and a capillary radiation system

Acoustic comfort was thoroughly worked on, by using vegetal screens and creating a ceramic facade absorbing noise pollution, and with solid sound insulation and seal doors for indoor acoustics. 

With this comprehensive refurbishment, the Landsea New Mansion project becomes a revitalized low carbon residence meeting the current higher customer demand and leading the green residential model.

Shanghai, China
Collective Housing

Contractor: Landsea Green Group


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