KTR Headquarters (France): Sustainable Renovation Grand Prize Winner - Green Solutions Awards 2018

KTR Headquarters (France): Sustainable Renovation Grand Prize Winner - Green Solutions Awards 2018

KTR, a German industrial group specialized in mechanical transmissions, wanted a building reflecting the image and the values of the company for its French headquarters: innovative and offering excellent work conditions for its employees, autonomous especially energy wise. The KTR group has already built very efficient buildings, but for the site of Dardilly, the refurbishment option was chosen. The construction manager oriented the project to aim for even more ambitious goals, with a more comprehensive eco-responsibility involving all employees.

As a result:

  • The first positive energy renovation of a tertiary building, including all uses, with thermal energy and electricity storage;
  • A reduced carbon footprint by using bio-based (hemp and cork) and recycled materials, but also by teaching the importance of life cycle analysis to the construction workers and artisans on the building site;
  • Solar photovoltaic energy production allowing the building to absorb more CO2 than its own emissions (consumptions in all uses, regulatory and office automation);
  • Working comfort is very appreciated as a result of an ergonomics study, the implementation of internal mobility for desks, controlled indoor air quality and the creation of recreation spaces (gym, break room, gardens).

Dardilly, France
Office Building

Contractor: KTR France
Building engineering and interior designer: Ressources Green Building
Construction manager: Diagonale Concept
Consultancy agency: Amstein & Walthert
Company: Terre et Lac
Manufacturers: Dualsun, Biofib, Mapei, Sonepar


Case study Eco-Renovation headquarters of KTR France
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