House of Île-de-France (France): Energy & Temperate Climates Winner - Green Solutions Awards 2018

House of Île-de-France (France): Energy & Temperate Climates Winner - Green Solutions Awards 2018

Zero Energy! Zero Carbon! Zero Nuclear Waste! Located in the International University Campus in Paris, the 5,000m2 House of Ile-de-France is unprecedented in France. With its 100% solar energy strategy, this student residence features two giant tanks (150,000 liters of water) heated by solar panels, providing the whole building with hot water and heating all year long (through seasonal thermal storage). Photovoltaic panels on the roof produce electricity for all uses in the building (included in the regulation and non-included uses). The House of Ile-de-France already tackles the issues to be covered by the 2020 French building regulation.

With its 142 rooms and its triangular shape, the residence forms a large face to collect solar energy. The facade on the Parisian ring road is composed of 563m2 of photovoltaic cells and 260m2 of vacuum thermal solar panels associated with 156m3 seasonal storage system. This constitutes the signature of the House. 

The storage tanks cover 80% of the thermal needs in winter, heating and hot water using the surplus of energy stored during the summer. 

The House of Ile-de-France was born from a collaborative design between ANMA and DEERNS for the Region Ile-de-France, implementing such an innovative solar strategy for the first time in France.

Paris, France
Student Residence

Contractor: Region of Île-de-France
Designer: Agence Nicolas Michelin et Associés (ANMA)
Construction managers: ANMA, DEERNS France
Consultancy agencies: DEERNS France, Batiserf


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