Wastewater Treatment Plant with Direct Potable Reusable Water

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We've engineered, built and serviced our Water Treatment Plant at the UN-camp in Mali. This is the first ever build Treatment Plant at this size. With this project we answer to the essence of our company; saving a source of the earth: water!

In the middle of the desert at the military camp of the United Nations’ Peace Mission in Mali Han Wissink of the MasterMind Company has managed to build a compact water- treatment installation to turn wastewater directly into drinking water. It has not been not a simple task, but mainly thanks to sophisticated online monitoring, including the detection of coliform bacteria, the camp is now abstracting only 35% groundwater per day which is a reduction of 65%. If it were up to Wissink, it would be down to 25%. The MasterMind water treatment plant at the UN camp in Mali is equipped with an online BACTcontrol sensor made by their partner in the Netherlands.

TMMC's wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) treats waste water (black water) in 2 steps:

  • into indirect reusable water that can be infiltrated in the ground (water suitable for the production of drinking water) without solution.
  • into DIRECT POTABLE REUSABLE WATER that can be used as an extra well for a Water Treatment Plant

This system reduces the intake of fresh ground water with 70-75%

Residu's of both WTP and WWTP can be used for toilet flush.

?The combination of the WTP and WWTP make it very applicable for (tourist) resorts, hotels, groups of office buildings, small villages (1500-2000 persons).
It is very suitable for rural areas and decentralized wastewater treatment.
The formula of the configuration of treatment devices make our solution to world scoop!


Green Solutions Awards 2019 - Infrastructures

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    Green Solutions Awards 2019 - Infrastructures