International Horticultural Exhibition 2019 Beijing China

  • Beijing China

  • Year of commitment : 2016
  • CO2 Impact : CO2 reduction 131,686 tons

  •  Green energies : Photovoltaic solar, Geothermal, Electricity, Cool, Heat, Electricity, Cool, Heat
  •  Digital services : Data centers, Cloud data solutions, Mobility, Water, Waste, Health, Comfort, Automation, Safety
  •  Sustainable mobility : Roads, High speed line, Greenways, Pedestrian Mobility, Urban roads, Tramway, Bus, Bicycle path, Parking, Accessibility, Charging station, Car-Sharing
  •  Water cycle : Collection, Containment, Purification, Capture, Waterways, River bed and river bank restoration , Foreshore restauration, Phytoremediation, Used water recycling, Prevention, Protection
  •  Circular economy and waste management : Eco-Design, Preservation of natural heritage, Optimization of ressources, Bio-based materials, Save of ressources, Mechanical recycling, Organic recycling
  •  Biodiversity & Ecosystems : Urban Microfarm, Roof Agriculture, Shared garden , Green roof, Green and blue corridor, Air recycling, Ecoducs, Buffer zone, Ecoystem restauration, Ground recovery, Environment education, Eco-tourism, Ecosystems preservation

Moderated by : Alice Dupuy

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