Filtering Gardens® for wastewater and rainwater in Rio de Janeiro

  • Year of commitment : 2017
  • CO2 Impact : 104,66tCO2/year emissions reduction (The Filtering Gardens® present emission values around 4 times lower than the average of the conventional wastewater treatment)

  • Builder
    Afonso França Engenharia
  • Manager / Dealer
    Phytorestore Brasil

Aiming to be a groundbreaking intervention concerning sustainability and environment preservation since its conception, the building wastewater and rainwater management is provided by the Filtering Gardens®; natural biotechnology features developed by Phytorestore based on phytoremediation and wetland ecosystems which promote the removal of pollutants from the water, restore it back to usable conditions and simultaneously recreates natural green landscapes.

The Filtering Gardens® are a series of basins filled with specific substrates and plants on top, totalizing around 3000m² of functional and aesthetic landscape features on the outside of the building. The wastewater/rainwater runs through the substrate and the biological interactions occurring at the root zone provide the proper treatment, without any chemical, bacterial, biological or artificial product addition. The process efficiency relies solely on the nature's properties enhanced by the human knowledge applied to the process. The final morphology of the ensemble is nothing but exuberant green areas, with a huge palette of native plant species that create unique patterns, colors and texture mixing.

The whole construction process is Green Building Council's LEED Gold certified and L'Oréal stakeholders are applying for the site's operation certification.

The Filtering Gardens® treat sanitary/industrial effluents and rainwater through totally natural processes, without addition of products harmful to the environment. The result of the treatment is the generation of volumes of clean water that can be reused in various building activities, such as irrigation, floor washing and toilet flush. This reduces the consumption of water from public system and eliminates the pollution of rivers and lakes through the discharge of sewage.
The Filtering Gardens® recreate natural areas, such as the wetlands, providing for the establishment of communities of amphibian, avian and insect fauna that find refuges and breeding habitats in planted filters. In addition, the Filtering Gardens® for the L'Óreal R&I Center was designed containing only native plant species from Brazil, valuing the local flora and showing the richness of the country's biodiversity.


Green Solutions Awards 2017 - Infrastructures

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    Green Solutions Awards 2017 - Infrastructures