Filtering Gardens® for wastewater and rainwater in Rio de Janeiro

  • Ilha do Bom Jesus, Rio de Janeiro Brazil

  • Year of commitment : 2017
  • CO2 Impact : 104,66tCO2/year emissions reduction (The Filtering Gardens® present emission values around 4 times lower than the average of the conventional wastewater treatment)
  • Builder : Afonso França Engenharia
  • Manager / Dealer : Phytorestore Brasil

  •  Water cycle : Collection, Containment, Other, Purification, Capture, Waterways, Other, Phytoremediation, Used water recycling, Other
  •  Biodiversity & Ecosystems : Ecoystem restauration, Carbon capture, Environment education, Ecosystems preservation

Moderated by : Alexia ROBIN

  • Published on 14 June 17
    by Plínio Oliveira|International
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    Ilha do Bom Jesus, Rio de Janeiro Brazil