Eco renovation of the lighting system of the BEJAIA Airport

  • Year of commitment : 2018
  • CO2 Impact : 8 kg of CO2 per m² per year

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The project is part of the Ms-Ppiev training launched by the École des Mines Saint Etienne and has been renovated in terms of lighting quality of terminal area Bejaia airport. The study and the realization were made on the basis of an energetic diagnosis / lighting / cost of invoice.

The goal is to keep the same electricity grid that has been in use for more than 20 years, and to add lighting supports without affecting the environment and the cost of the energy bill.

The result of the lighting is satisfactory while conforming to the norm of the lighting of the external spaces with a minimum average respected after realization of 20 Lux for the people with reduced mobility "PRM" and a quality of uniform illumination on the alignment of the entire perimeter of the airport.

Finally, any type of camera lens that can easily capture photon involves more pixels and definition, which gives a high definition image capture.

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