Biomethane recovery unit for wastewater from the Métropole de Lyon

  • Vaulx en Velin France

  • Year of commitment : 2018
  • CO2 Impact : The implementation of the recovery of 100% of the biogas produced in biomethane produced from sewage sludge from the Feyssine wastewater treatment plant enables the metropolis of Lyon to avoid the emission of approximately CO2 / year
  • Builder :  PRODEVAL / SUEZ for purification and GRDF for injection
  • Manager / Dealer : METROPOLIS OF LYON / Suez

  •  Green energies : Biogas, Biofuel, Gas
  •  Water cycle : Purification, Other
  •  Circular economy and waste management : Industrial Ecology, Optimization of ressources, Save of ressources, Organic recycling, Methanation unit

  • Published on 24 May 19
    by Laëtitia AUBEUT|France
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    Vaulx en Velin France