Design by Data Advanced Master in Computational Design, Digital Manufacturing and Building Technologies

  • Organisme: Ecole des Ponts ParisTech
  • Durée - Lieux de formation: 60 jours - CHAMPS-SUR-MARNE / PARIS
  • Public : Architecte - AMO - Ingénieur - Maitre d'ouvrage
  • Prix HT : 14000 €
  • €14.000 for students who pay for the course themselves.
    €17.000 for students for whom the course is financed by a company or organisation.
    These prices may change

    Disponible en intra : Non / Inclut du e-learning : Non

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    Innovation in a dynamic learning environment

    DESIGN by DATA has three main goals:

    • providing participants with a solid knowledge of innovative digital cultures and computational tools based on both technical skills and artistic sensibility.
    • giving students a broad set of expertise to take advantage of new technologies in manufacturing and digital fabrication (CNC prototyping, 3D printing, industrial fabrication, aerial robotics, etc.).
    • encouraging a process-oriented approach to design based on theory of genetic optimisation and the use of environnemental data in architecture.

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    Program strengths

    • INNOVATION: the digital revolution is changing our way of using and thinking about objects and spaces: enter the world of non-standard design and evolutive architecture.
    • TRANS-DISCIPLINARITY: learn how to use computation and data to drive your design in architecture, urbanism, engineering and the digital arts.
    • LEARN BY DOING: an augmented learning process based on ongoing alternation between theory, design applications and prototyping.
    • NETWORK THINKING: embrace collaborative cultures and join an international network of architectural innovation. Enter both the coolest creative hubs in Paris and one of the most prestigious engineering schools in the world.

    Skills acquired

    At the end of the training, graduates will:

    • have the know-how to innovate their design workflow using a computational and collaborative approach towards architecture and engineering
    • have a complete understanding of tools for digital design and robotic manufacturing
    • design, manage and build non-standard objects and complex geometries

    Your career prospects

    The Advanced Master prepares graduates for a number of high-level positions in architectural design with a strong emphasis on digital innovation, computational robotics and manufacturing. Graduates of the program may qualify for positions in architectural offices, urban design studios, construction  firms specialized in complex geometry, robotics and digital fabrication, graphic design, art studios, consulting innovation firms, 3D printing platforms and software development companies.


    Holders of this Advanced Master will pursue the following careers, from amongst others
    • Project Manager
    • Computational Designer
    • Façade consultant
    • Structural engineer expert in complex geometry
    • Fablab Director
    • Chief Design Officer
    • Interaction Designer
    • Robot and Drone Designer

    The DESIGN by DATA Advanced Master® provides attendees with a cross-disciplinary culture of computational design and comprehensive knowledge of cutting-edge technologies in the fields of parametric architecture, robotics, digital manufacturing and 3D printing for the construction industry. The program is designed for a selected group of architects, engineers, designers and digital artists and offering a variety of courses, fabrication and prototyping workshops, conferences, digital talks and networking events. The program takes place in a number of locations in Paris and is a real opportunity to enter an international ecosystem of architectural innovation.

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    Durée : 60 jours

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