Solar power plant in Sourdun

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  • Year of commitment : 2012
  • CO2 Impact : 14000 Tons saved / Year

  • Green energies : Photovoltaic solar

  • 13 000 000 €
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    Generale du solaire
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In 2009, the 2nd Hussars regiment is leaving Sourdun for Haguenau in Bas-Rhin. A first part of the site is transformed into a boarding school. On the other was born the project of conversion this military site into a photovoltaic power plant.

Designed by the project company SOVASUN, the solar power plant was carried out by General Solar (formerly SUNNCO GC), and funded by SOVAFIM. The amount of the investment is € 13 million.

SUNNCO GC (Key Accounts) is an expert in the development, engineering, construction, financing and operation of photovoltaic power plants.

SOVAFIM (land valuation and real estate company), is a public company dedicated to the valuation of complex public real estate assets.

Installing a power of 4, 5MWc extends over 12 hectares of land, a former military terrain that was neither building nor cultivable. Its total production estimated 4,954 MWh per year covers the equivalent of the electricity consumption of a town of 2,000 inhabitants. It therefore saves 1,400 tons of CO2 emissions annually.

With 18,744 solar panels, is the largest ground photovoltaic plant of the Ile-de-France. Two-thirds of the modules come from the Chinese brand Hanwha, the rest being produced by a French company belonging to the Total Group: Tenesol. Their individual power is 240 Wp.

The electricity is bought by EDF at a guaranteed price over 20 years, 35 cents € per kWh, more favorable conditions than those in force today.

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Sustainable Development

    Energy and Environmental Balance

    • Estimated annual electricity production: 4954 MWh

    • Estimated Specific Energy: 1100 kWh / kV / c / year

    • Tons of C02 saved: 1 446 t per year

    The production of the plant is estimated at 4,954 MWh per year, covering the equivalent of the electricity consumption of a city of 2,000 inhabitants. So this plant saves 1,400 tons of CO2 emissions annually to combat global warming.

    Sovafim, a public company, mobilizes its resources, a non-constructible land, to guarantee citizens clean energy. This plant is also used for teaching purposes on solar. General Solar regularly organizes lively tours for students.

    An impact study was carried out beforehand, orienting all the choices to minimize the impact of the construction of the plant. Screw foundations limit soil pollution, passages for small animals have been made in flexible fences, electric cables have been buried and sheep are used to maintain the soil.

    The foundations used are Krinner screws which make it possible to restore the ground to its original state without soil pollution during dismantling.



    Consortium of companies

    Generale du solaire

    Power producer



Sustainable Solutions

    Photovoltaic modules TE2200: 220-240 Wp +

    TENESOL modules use multi-crystalline high-yield silicon cell technology, which is measured individually and 100% sorted before encapsulation.

    The Tempered Glass / EVA / Insulated Backsheet minimizes weight, ensures a perfect seal and protects the cells durably. The aluminum frame reinforced with 50 mm thickness allows easy handling and easy, fast and very resistant mounting. Each module is subject to an individual quality control and a numbered performance test card.

    • Energy/climate :
    • Renewable energies

    Hanwha Solar One SF220

    The Hanwha SolarOne SF220 Polycrystalline modules provide the performance required for large energy production installations. The modules have passed comprehensive tests for reliable performance over time and are certified to comply with the latest A-class safety standards.

    • Energy/climate :
    • Renewable energies

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