Pneumatic Waste Management in Clichy-Batignolles

  • Year of commitment : 2011

  • Circular economy and waste management : Pneumatic collection

  • 12 000 000 €
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In partnership with Envac, the world leader in automated collection systems, Veolia has the development of this solution.

Automated pneumatic collection of channeling household waste, underground path from fixed collection points to a compaction unit. A truck then transports the compacted waste to their treatment process.

This collection has several advantages:

  • suppression of noise, visual and olfactory nuisance related to storage, handling and collection bins;
  • Reducing emissions to the movement of dump trucks;
  • availability of terminals round the clock, 7 days 7.

Veolia won the design, construction and operation of the first pneumatic collection contract waste of the City of Paris in the future Clichy-Batignolles district. The 4.1 km underground pipeline system serves 2 600 homes since October 15, 2011.

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Sustainable Development

    Thanks to this innovative system operated by Veolia, residents deposit their household waste into terminals at the foot of their building where they are regularly evacuated. It is quiet, easy and works 7 days out of 7.

    Collection by suction proposed by Veolia Movac relies on the system of the company Envac AB. It allows the filing, sorting and temporary storage of household waste in differentiated underground reservoirs. Sorting waste is easy with the availability of two terminals in each capital item: yellow for recyclable packaging, green for food waste and non-recyclable. When the terminals are full, the system sets an automated collection by suction. The waste flows at the speed of 70 km / h in the underground network of five kilometers of pipes. The collection terminal, containers, once filled, are trucked to the waste treatment center.

    Like the first sewer installation in cities, automated pneumatic household waste collection presents a major advance in improving the quality of life and environmental health in urban areas.

    It suppresses the flow of dump trucks dedicated to waste collection door to door, and waste containers on public property and their health nuisances.

    Compared to the traditional collection, pneumatic waste collection reduces by 42% the emissions of greenhouse gases, 98% reduction in carbon monoxide, 86% of the emissions of nitrogen oxides and 90% of particulate emissions. The additional electricity consumption will also induced offset by own photovoltaic production sector.

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    Envac has ensured the development of the solution.

    Veolia Environmental Services Manager and ensures the maintenance of the structure.

Sustainable Solutions

    ENVAC Automation Platform

    With the installation of sensors in strategic disposal of individual waste items, data can be collected, stored and processed continuously in the system terminal. Adaptive algorithms ensure the system self-learns by time and the sequence of entries emptied every specific time.

    With detailed information about the volume of waste, density, number of waste streams, and so on, EAP allows for system optimization. It also optimizes the frequency with which the container is to be extracted from the waste collection station.

    More and more features are constantly integrated into the software to ensure balanced operation that optimizes automation, reduces operational power consumption and minimizes the required amount of maintenance. This in turn drives operational energy savings up to 50% and significantly reduced operational costs.

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