METTIS, bus with high level of service of Metz

  • Year of commitment : 2013

  • Sustainable mobility : Tramway

  • 230 000 000 €
  • Builder
    Van Hool

The 2 meter high-level METTIS service lines enable the inhabitants to grasp public transport in a new light thanks to the use of vehicles in the new format and design (bi- Hinged 24-meter hybrid technology). Completed by a redesign of the lines, the establishment of on-demand transport services, the creation of 3 relay car parks and the launch of a contactless interoperable ticketing system with the major Transport Authorities of Lorraine, Public transport of Metz Métropole has completely reinvented itself in less than 5 years.

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Website Enterprise / Infrastructure

Sustainable Development

    36,000 trips/day -> An increase of more than 40% in the number of trips per day

    27 bi-articulated vehicles 24 m long, very manoeuvrable thanks to two directional axles (front and rear), integral low floor and access pallet for a perfect accessibility in station to the people with reduced mobility. Access on board by four large double sliding doors that allow a rapid rise and fall, wide bay windows favoring a direct link with the city.

    • Perfect accessibility on the 37 stations (every 500m).
    • A project whose social clauses of the markets will have enabled 1200 people in insertion to carry out an activity for a total of 85451 hours.
    • Social tariffing of transport tickets

    17.84 km of own site. An urban development from "façade to façade" along the route. Promotion of public transport for an alternative to the car Hybrid motorization (desulphurised diesel and electricity).

    Saving 288,000 liters of diesel / year


    Metz metropolis

    Regional Authority

    Van Hool

    Carrier / Transporter

Sustainable Solutions

    High-level service buses

    The MET buses come from a unique combination of motorization (the METTIS vehicle is equipped with a hybrid engine, diesel / electricity); The design (like that of a tram) and dimensions (a vehicle is capable of accommodating 155 passengers, it has 40 seats and all the comforts one would expect from a modern means of transport. 27 METTIS bi-articulated 24-meter vehicles are equipped with three boxes and 4 axles, two directional, METTIS offers a great maneuverability, a limited turning radius and ensures a better comfort to the travelers than traditional articulated vehicles because the Effects of the rear overhang are reduced.)

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Grand Prix Infrastructure Durable

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