Urban regeneration in Les Roquetes neighborhood, Barcelona

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  • Address 1 - street : Carrer de BARCELONA, España

  • Gross density : 48 alojamiento/ha
  • Starting year of the project : 2016
  • Delivery year of the project : 2017
  • Key words : Urban naturation and regeneration, sustainable drainage, dusi strategy, adaptation and mitigation of climate change

Proposed by :

  • 0.4 ha

Reconversion of a conventional surface parking located in the upper part of the city of Barcelona. The waterproofed surface of the parking lot contributed to generate important run-offs, with consequent drags and increased pollution, increased flooding, increased frequency and intensity of systems discharges in rainy weather, overloads in the sanitation network ... which cause problems in the lower parts of the city.It is transformed into an underground car park, releasing the surface and recovering the landscape by incorporating sustainable drainage techniques and solutions based on nature. The objective is to intercept, filter, retain, laminate and infiltrate the rainwater falling on the plot itself, as well as all that arrives from the adjacent upper streets, thus relieving the hydraulic load within the existing sewer network.The elements that are part of this sustainable rainwater management system are: filtering drains, bioretention zones, rain gardens and reservoirs / infiltration systems to replenish the water table, among others.



  • Public facilities and infrastructure
  • Public spaces
  • Green spaces
  • Others

Project progress

  • Delivery phase

Key points

  • Quality of life
  • Smart city
  • Resources
  • Biodiversity
  • Energy /Climate

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Type of territory

Urban zone in high part of the city.

Climate zone

[Csb] Coastal Mediterranean - Mild with cool, dry summer.

Total investment costs (before tax)

1 500 000 € HT

Project holder

    Barcelona City Council / BAGURSA


    Barcelona Gestió Urbanística, SA (BAGURSA) is a municipal company whose objective is the promotion, management and execution of urban activities, as well as the execution of urbanization works and the provision of services derived from these activities.

Project management

    City council and association of neighbors: it is agreed to transform a parking area into an underground parking and an urban park open to the public, with play areas, living areas ... with the local commitment to get involved in the maintenance of green infrastructures.

Project stakeholders

    Barcelona City Council / BAGURSA


    Roberto Soto

    EUROCATALANA Obres i Serveis

    Construction manager

    SUDS, SL

    Technical consultancy agency

    Pedro Lasa

Building candidate in the category

Gran Premio Ciudad Sostenible

Gran Premio Ciudad Sostenible

Premio de los Usuarios

Premio de los Usuarios

Green Solutions Awards 2017 - Ciudades

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Green Solutions Awards 2017 - Ciudades