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Extension + refurbishment

  • Building Type : School, college, university
  • Construction Year : 1974
  • Delivery year : 2017
  • Address 1 - street : 87000 LIMOGES, France
  • Climate zone : [Cfb] Marine Mild Winter, warm summer, no dry season.

  • Net Floor Area : 3 300 m2
  • Construction/refurbishment cost : 1 700 000 €
  • Number of Pupil : 700 Pupil
  • Cost/m2 : 515.15 €/m2

Certifications :

  • Primary energy need
    80 kWhep/
    (Calculation method : RT existant )
Energy consumption
Economical buildingBuilding
< 50A
51 à 90B
91 à 150C
151 à 230D
231 à 330E
331 à 450F
> 450G
Energy-intensive building

Overall rehabilitation: thermal, indoor and outdoor circulation, creation of convivial spaces, compliance with PMR standards.

The approach emphasizes both:

  • the environmental performance of the project, ( beyond the BBC Renovation objective without forgetting the treatment of ventilation and airtightness, essential for the sustainability of the building and the comfort of its users)
  • high speed and quality of implementation,
  • an architectural requalification of the renovated buildings and the site, contributing to the enhancement of the image of the CFA, (creation of a glass roof in the heart of the building, new arrangement of interior circulations for the accessibility of the whole, landscaping of surroundings)

Thermal performance of the envelope:

  • before work: 257 kWh / m².shab
  • after work: 50 kwh / m² / shab (factor 5)

Sustainable development approach of the project owner

Request from the building owner: Reduce the energy consumption of existing buildings, improve reception areas, upgrade the image of the CFA and bring accessibility standards to the building.

The thermal approach proposed by the project management, rather than limiting itself to the regulatory calculation RT and a search for labeling, was more global: the Fiabitat thermal design office, through its tool Fiabiscope, made a multi-criteria analysis, which is both more precise and closer to reality on the thermal aspect: dynamic thermal simulation giving real heating needs zone by zone, and wider on the environmental impact of the project: greenhouse gas emissions greenhouse, nonrenewable primary energy, consumed gray energy, operating cost.Precisions on the Fiabiscope approach: studies / le-fiabiscope/ See the attached thermal study for the results.

Architectural description

Two existing buildings from 1974 with prefabricated concrete facades on 2 levels, compact, with rooftop terraces, column-beam structure, which allow economical and effective solutions: external insulation in prefabricated wood panels (effective treatment of thermal bridges and low incidence on interior spaces, thus reduced construction nuisances).

In summary, the approach emphasizes both the environmental performance of the project, a high speed and quality of implementation, and an architectural requalification of renovated buildings. The project plans to go beyond the BBC Rénovation objective, to reduce the environmental impact of the project in a more global way: reduction of GHG emissions, low energy gray materials, sustainability and recycling at the end of life, without forget the treatment of ventilation and airtightness, essential for the durability of the building and the comfort of its users.

Building users opinion

very positive, real added value in terms of comfort, light, fluidity of circulation, conviviality of spaces

If you had to do it again?

Regret not having been able to use the cellulose insufflated as expected as insulation, because of fire standards in renovation

See more details about this project


Construction Manager

    Latitude 48° architectes (Viviana Comito, Louise Ranck, Lucie Rosier architectes) - crédit photos (format carré) : Marcello DI MASI

    Louise RANCK architecte 06 20 78 69 95 [email protected]


Type of market

Global performance contract

 Marche public loi MAPA

Energy consumption

  • 80,00 kWhep/
  • 350,00 kWhep/
  • RT existant

    Total distribution final consumption electricity use (kWhef / m².an) with Surface SHON = 3300m² Heating: 46.1 ECS (out of process): 0 Auxiliaries: 0.06 Lighting: 2.41 Appliances: N.C Total breakdown final electricity consumption by type of energy (kWhef / m².year) with Surface SHON = 3300m² Electricity: 16.89 Gas: 35.22

  • 355,00 kWhep/

Real final energy consumption

    49,16 kWhef/

Envelope performance

    Detailed U value:
    Low floor 0.21
    Outside wall 0.20
    Joinery 1.50
    Flooring high 0.17

    More information cf doc thermal report


  • 2,31
  • The automatic regulation of the ambience in the canopy works well, no feeling of overheating.

More information

Calculation by the PLEIADES COMFIE software in dynamic thermal simulation


    • Condensing gas boiler
    • Gas boiler
    • No cooling system
    • Single flow
    • No renewable energy systems
  • verrière faisant office d'espace tampon avec régulation automatique

Urban environment

  • 20 000,00 m2
  • 13,00 %
  • 18 500,00
  • Redevelopment of outdoor spaces and circulations for accessibility accessibility, plant plantations, replacement of bitumen with deactivated concrete. Maximization of planted areas, reduction of asphalt surfaces.


    Exterior joinery Guillaumie


    [email protected]

    Second œuvre / Menuiseries extérieures

    Exterior carpentry Douglas Limousin made on site. Wood or wood-aluminum

    Very good acceptance

Construction and exploitation costs

  • 119 500


    Simple flow ventilation with preheating by blowing in the classrooms and offices, and extraction in the sanitary, because of the potential presence of radon in the basement.Regulatory rates 18 m² / h / pers.Modulation by programmable clock

    hypothèse de 20°C en hiver, classe A énergie DPE

GHG emissions

  • 9,00 KgCO2/m2/an
  • 69,60 KgCO2 /m2

Life Cycle Analysis

    Douglas local Limousin for wood frame prefabricated framing panels, part of cladding, and all exterior joinery

Reasons for participating in the competition(s)

Energy and technical devices:

  • ITE (on existing prefabricated concrete) prefabricated Douglas-fir prefabricated panel, rock wool filling. Cladding: southern façades cladded with douglas fir from the Limousin (treated with a gray saturator to anticipate aging) / facades made of fiber-reinforced concrete (tinted in the mass)
  • ITE rockwool gables, lime plaster
  • Wood-aluminum joinery in Limousin Douglas fir, sun shades
  • Reinforcement of roof terrace insulation, new EPDM membrane and gravel
  • Landscaping of an accessible roof terrace on the roof
  • Creation of a glass roof, the nerve center of the project to the convergence of flows, and conviviality space, with automated regulation of the indoor climate.
  • Creation of an insufflation ventilation circuit with preheating.
  • New heating circuit
  • redevelopment of reception areas
  • decompartmentalization of certain areas in the administration, new rubber floors and interior paints (circulation, office, classrooms)
  • development of external pedestrian paths

Building candidate in the category

Energie & Climats Tempérés

Energie & Climats Tempérés

Coup de Cœur des Internautes

Coup de Cœur des Internautes

Prix des Etudiants

Prix des Etudiants

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