[Open call] Bio-based insulation materials in France and Europe

[Open call] Bio-based insulation materials in France and Europe

In January 2024, Construction21, the French media reference for sustainable cities and building practices will be publishing a special report on the topic of bio-based insulation in France and Europe. This issue will be produced under the supervision of Etienne Gourlay (CEREMA), Kathlen Piriou and Marie-Pierre Ciminelli (Citae).


You would like to share your expertise and feedback on the subject through an article in this issue?

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The topic

In order to meet the climate challenge, the thermal renovation of existing buildings and the insulation of new buildings are essential. But to meet the decarbonisation objectives for the entire insulation process, the use of insulation with a low carbon impact is essential.

Bio-based insulation seems to offer good prospects for insulating without polluting. Hemp wool, cellulose wadding, straw... There are many opportunities in the insulation market today. Especially since insulation can achieve carbon neutrality through CO₂ sequestration .

Through your feedback, we are looking to find out what solutions exist so that insulation can fully contribute to the overall reduction of emissions from the building sector.

Proposed topics

Several topics are proposed for this issue, others may be suggested by the candidate writers, this list is not to be considered exhaustive:

1.    Bio-based insulation, from one end of production to the other
-    What are the industrial and logistical challenges of the bio-based insulation sector?
-    How can we ensure the sustainable sourcing of raw materials for the production of bio-based insulation? 
-    What role do standards and regulations play in supporting manufacturers and individuals? 
-    How to train professionals in the use of bio-based insulation? 
-    How to set up the recycling of bio-based insulation?

2.    What are the challenges for bio-based insulation?
-    What progress has been made to ensure fire safety, sound insulation, cooling, etc.?
-    How can architecture be rethought to integrate bio-based insulation (including as load-bearing structures?)
-    Can bio-based insulation be integrated into prefabrication processes?

3.    Feedback
-    The use of bio-based insulation in new construction and renovation
-    Bio-based insulation and carbon sequestration

Dissemination of the dossier

With more than 3 million views since their creation in 2017, the Construction21 « dossiers » are becoming increasingly successful. This issue will bring together around twenty publications and will be published gradually in January 2023. 

More information on the Dossiers

This issue will be the subject  of particular media coverage: front page of articles on Construction21.fr, promotion in the Construction21 newsletter, social media campaigns, press release. This dossier will also be relayed via the CEREMA and Citae networks and put forward by all contributors.


Etienne Gourlay – Head of Thermal-Acoustics/Building Vibration activities - Cerema
Kathlen Piriou –  Sustainable Construction Project Manager and Bio-based materials Referent – Citae
Marie-Pierre Ciminelli -  Head of Development and Innovation - Citae

Editorial coordination
Anne-Sophie Tardy, Editorial Manager and Simon Huguet, Sustainable City Project Manager – [email protected] - 01 56 26 90 04


Topic proposal in 5-10 lines to be sent to [email protected] : before November 27, 2023

First version of the article sent: December 18, 2023

Publication on Construction21: from 22 January 2024


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