Hyvolution Paris2024 : Chile seeks partners to accelerate its energy and environmental transition

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Hyvolution Paris2024 : Chile seeks partners to accelerate its energy and environmental transition

A few days after the announcement of a new National Action Plan for Green Hydrogen, a government delegation and representatives of Chilean companies will be travelling to Paris for Hyvolution, the leading international event for players in the green hydrogen ecosystem.

The aim is to buy equipment, showcase innovations and, above all, find strategic partners for infrastructure development and skills transfer ! The course has been set: more than 50 new renewable energy production, storage and distribution projects are due to see the light of day, with investments approaching USD 5 billion between now and 2025.

The national strategy for Green Hydrogen, in brief

More than just a new industry to be developed, Green Hydrogen is a genuine State Policy that integrates all regions and all strata of the Chilean economic network. With the ambition of making the country the most competitive exporter of Green Hydrogen in the world by 2050, the national strategy is structured around several milestones, the first actions of which are set out in Plan 2030 :

  • By 2025, the country wants to assert its position as Latin American leader, with the mobilisation of USD 5 billion in investment, projects (under construction or in operation) representing 5GW of electrolysis capacity and the production of 200 kilotonnes of hydrogen per year.
  • By 2030, the aim is to consolidate an electricity matrix made up of 80% renewable energies, with an installed electrolysis capacity of 25GW and the capacity to store more than 2GW throughout the country. As a result, the country should be able to develop an export industry for green hydrogen and its derivatives, with annual exports of USD 2.5 billion.
  • By 2050, thanks to the creation of a 100% zero-emission electricity sector and the development of more export infrastructures, the country will be able to meet its climate objectives by being able to satisfy domestic demand to the tune of USD 9 billion and export almost USD 24 billion.

Currently in the public consultation phase, which should be completed in February, the 2030 Action Plan sets out 111 concrete measures based on five dimensions:

  • Environmental dimension : Measures to adapt existing regulations and define a transition period, in order to create new institutional mechanisms and align with the highest environmental standards.
  • International dimension To align with international rules and guarantee the neutrality of bodies, in order to facilitate the development of international technological and commercial partnerships with a view to creating a marine corridor and a complete production chain.
  • Economic dimension : Seizing the opportunity to transform the country's economic network by increasing efficiency, strengthening production chains and encouraging energy diversification and domestic demand for green hydrogen, in order to make decarbonisation a lever for competitiveness.
  • Developing human and technological capital : To promote a permanent transfer of skills nationally and internationally, aligning professional training programmes with market expectations and facilitating innovation and technological development.
  • Citizen dimension : To guarantee transparency and the timely involvement of the communities affected by projects, encouraging regional development and ensuring a fair share of the benefits and wealth generated by the industry.

A card to play for France

"More than 50 projects currently under development are set to accelerate in 2024, thanks to the transitional regulatory framework defined in the new National Green Hydrogen Plan, alongside the implementation of clear, stable and transparent legislation in this area," explains Marcos Kulka, Managing Director of the Chilean Hydrogen Association H2 Chile, who will be present at Hyvolution Paris.

 The public company ENAP - Empresa Nacional del Petróleo (National Petroleum Company), looking for French partners

With the aim of speeding up the projects undertaken by her organisation, Gloria Maldonado, President of the Executive Board of the state-owned company ENAP, will be at Hyvolution to try to bring on board as many French partners as possible in three key areas: the development of new alternative fuels; the generation of renewable energies; and the development of infrastructures for storing, transporting and exporting hydrogen.

Following the launch of an initial pilot for the production of carbon-neutral synthetic fuels in partnership with HIF Global, ENAP recently announced the signing of an agreement with Total Eren, EDF, HIF, Free Power Group, RWE and HNH Energy to build the largest industrial and port complex dedicated to green hydrogen in the Magallanes Region in southern Chile. These are just the beginnings of an international strategy that is opening up a host of opportunities for players in the French industry. 

Meet Chile at Hyvolution Paris

Porte de Versailles - Parc des Expositions

 30, 31 January & 1 February 2024, Hall 4, Stand 4L20

 And during the Workshops organised by the show:

 - Tuesday 30 at 5.30pm in Forum 1: Status of the hydrogen industry in Chile

- Wednesday 31st at 12.30pm in Forum 3: Moving towards the development of the hydrogen industry in the Magallanes Region (the main green hydrogen hub in the far south of the country)

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