Green Building Solutions & City Awards: launch of the 2017 edition in March

Green Building Solutions & City Awards: launch of the 2017 edition in March

Green Buiding & City Solutions Awards, THE international competition for sustainable buildings and cities.

Every year, Construction21 runs an international online contest for exemplary realisations. Our goal? To inspire professionals around the world for their future projects of buildingsecodistricts or infrastructures, and to contribute to keep global warming under 2°C. 

Competing projects are highlighted on all Construction21 platforms. The most remarkable are awarded during the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP) and benefit from a broad communication campaign in addition to a video of each winner widely shared on the web. This contest is supported by the Global Alliance for Buildings & Construction, ADEME and renowned international organisationssuch as Arnold Schwarzenegger's R20, ICLEI or Green Planet Architects.

In 2017, the contest will start in mid-march, with the launch at the MIPIM, hence giving the candidates 3 months to submit their most innovative projects, until mid-june. The competition also opens to China, with the launch of the Chinese Construction21 platform as soon as february 2017. But it also extends to infrastructures & urban services. The GBCS Awards 2017 will use the 3 databases opened by Construction21 to highlight exemplary buildingsecodistricts or infrastructures.

Exceptional visibility for innovative companies

Promote your company toward thousands of professionals of the sector, committed to sustainability:

  • Professional registered on the 12 web plateforms of the Construction21 network (International in English, Algeria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Morocco, Romania, Spain, and China starting February 2017)
  • Media partners, institutions and head of networks of the sector
  • Social media (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Scoop-it and Pinterest)
  • 700,000 visits en 2016 - 1 million visits expected in 2017
  • An audience multiplied by 4 since 2012

New in 2017: the contest opens to sustainable infrastructures and urban services, in connection with the dedicated database launched in november 2016.

The target: all actors of the sustainable buildings and cities sectors

  • Contractors, Developers,
  • Architects, Engineers,
  • Constructors,
  • Manufacturers,
  • Operators,
  • Researchers,
  • Training centres (initial and continuous),
  • Unions and professional associations,
  • Support professions: banking, law, economists...
  • Municipalities, local governments and public agencies

An intense communication campaign

  • Dedicated web pages, articles and videos on Construction21 platforms
  • E-mailings to our contacts inviting them to enter the competition, vote online and attend to Awards events
  • Press kits, and press conferences on key stages of the competition
  • Brochure and videos of the winners 
  • Intense and proactive promotion on social media
  • 3 évents: launch, announcement of national winners, awards gala at the COP23

For more info, check out the 2016 Awards videos - Download the 2016 Winners brochure - contact

Three ways to participate

  • CANDIDATE : a contractor, an architect, an engineer, a developer, a construction company, an industrial, publish a case study describing your most innovative projects.
  • SPONSOR : a company committed to create more sustainable buildings and cities, associate your company to every step of the competition’s communication plan.
  • MEDIA PARTNER : a media, a fair or a professional association, Your logo is featured on every communication material of the competition in exchange for the mobilisation of your network.

Steps of the 2017 contest

Three contests - 16 categories


  • Energy - Cool and Temperate Climates
  • Energy - Mediterranean Climates
  • Energy - Hot and Tropical Climates
  • Low Carbon
  • Health & Comfort
  • Smart building
  • Sustainable Construction Grand Prize
  • Sustainable Renovation Grand Prize


  • Sustainable City Grand Prize

Infrastructures & Urban Services

  • Green Energies
  • Digital Services
  • Sustainable Mobility
  • Water Cycle
  • Circular Economy & Waste Management
  • Biodiversity & Ecosystems
  • Sustainable Infrastructure Grand Prize

For more info, contact us!

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