Xabier Barrutieta Basurko

  • Función: Director of Orona Architecture & Facilities
  • Actividad: Design and Management of the project Orona Ideo
  • Miembro de la comunidad : 01/08/2012
  • Vue du profil:   1200

Xabier Barrutieta (1978) is an Architect graduated with honors at the Architecture High School of San Sebastian and followed his studies in Germany and Switzerland. He worked as a teacher and researcher, and after establishing his own practice, he collaborated with several international firms in the fields of urban and landscape design, architecture and ecotechnologies. 
His work was selected for the very young Spanish Architects exhibit and has been awarded several prizes such as Europan10. Despite of his young age, he has been in charge of the design direction and team management of the project Orona Ideo developing a very innovative project composed by several buildings. 
His fields are NZEB & green buildings, integrated sustainability solutions and urban transformation projects where applied innovation and best design are key to create forward thinking spaces.


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